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06.07.2021 Modernization

Igor Korytko: cyber threats will not stop digital transformation

TMK will continue the digital transformation of its business and is confident in its IT tools, but also intends to reduce the risk of cyber incidents through a range of information security measures. This was announced by Igor Korytko, CEO of TMK, at the INNOPROM-2021 internation...

02.07.2021 Modernization

TMK delegates its administrative matters to a corporate chatbot

TMK and PARMA Technologies Group, a Russian IT company, in a technological partnership with Microsoft, have implemented a corporate chatbot at TMK to automate the processing of administrative and general matters. The interactive assistant with integrated artificial intelligence h...

24.06.2021 Modernization

TMK upgrades pipe heat treatment equipment at PNTZ

TMK will spend more than RUB 500 million to upgrade pipe heat treatment equipment at Pervouralsk Pipe Plant (PNTZ), enabling the plant to reduce resource consumption and expand its size range of high-tech products. During phase one retrofit, a roller hearth furnace in...

22.06.2021 Modernization

TMK and Moscow Agency of Innovations launch an accelerator program for Moscow-based start-ups

TMK and Moscow Agency of Innovations launched an accelerator program as part of the PipeIndustryTech track of the Moscow Accelerator. A total of 30 teams took part in the program for a chance to implement their projects at TMK enterprises. The participants will have a number of...

01.06.2021 Modernization

TMK launches a laser scanning system to inspect flat-rolled products for surface defects

Chelyabinsk Pipe Plant (Chelpipe), part of TMK Group, has installed a new high-precision laser scanning system to detect surface defects on flat-rolled products – a project worth over RUB 20 million. The automated system came online at the forming line at Vysota 239, a lar...

17.05.2021 Modernization

TMK’s facilities increase their energy independence

TMK has commissioned autonomous thermal power plants (TPPs) at its Pervouralsk Pipe Plant (PNTZ) and Chelyabinsk Pipe Plant (Chelpipe) to supply electricity and heat to the facilities. Partial transition to power supply from own TPPs has enabled us to improve the energy mix at pr...

29.04.2021 Modernization

TMK presents to Dmitry Medvedev its project to introduce digital twins at Seversky Pipe Plant

  Sergey Chikalov, TMK’s Deputy CEO for Technological Development and Technical Sales, presented to Dmitry Medvedev, Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Skolkovo Foundation, a project to introduce digital twins...

03.11.2020 Modernization

TMK automates business tasks with RPA solutions

TMK is implementing robotic process automation (RPA) in its business processes to handle market research, HR and administration. A pilot RPA project run at TMK’s Marketing Directorate has sped up execution fivefold in some areas.

16.02.2018 Modernization

New heat-treatment facility launched at TMK-ARTROM, Romania

TMK, the world’s biggest producer of steel pipes, commissioned a new integrated heat treatment line for seamless pipes at TMK-ARTROM, Romania.

01.08.2016 Modernization

Key milestone achieved by TMK GIPI Oman – to operate its new 6” mill

As part of the ongoing In Country Value “ICV” initiatives TMK GIPI’s management are pleased to announce the final stage of completing 8”-24” mill expansion for manufacturing of smaller sizes 6”-7”, which are used for oil and gas well delivery and currently sourced from overseas market.

18.05.2016 Modernization

TMK signs supply contracts to procure equipment for heat treatment facilities at Seversky Tube Works and TMK-ARTROM

TMK, one of the world’s leading producers of tubular products for the oil and gas industry, and Italian SMS MEER S.p.A have signed contracts for the manufacture and supply of advanced equipment for seamless pipe heat treatment facilities to be built at Seversky Tube Works and TMK-ARTROM, Romania.

08.06.2015 Modernization

TMK commences production of pipes for hydraulic cylinders at TMK-ARTROM

TMK-ARTROM (Slatina, Romania), a TMK subsidiary, has commissioned a new Workshop to produce precision pipes used in the automotive industry and hydraulic cylinder manufacturing. The opening ceremony was attended by Romanian state secretary of economy Popa Maricel, and local authorities of Slatina municipality.

04.09.2014 Modernization

GreenWell coated premium connection ТМК UP PF certified under ISO 13679 CAL IV

TMK, one of the world's leading producers of tubular products for the oil and gas industry, has run ISO 13679:2002 CAL IV tests on the premium connection ТМК UP PF with lubricant-free coating GreenWell.

14.07.2014 Modernization

TMK and LUKOIL sign R&D cooperation programme

TMK, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of pipe for the oil and gas industry, and LUKOIL signed an R&D cooperation programme for 2014-2016, providing for the launch of import-substituting and new types of high-performance tubular products that would meet the current needs of the oil and gas sector.

30.10.2013 Modernization

ТМК Implements New Technology of Lubricant-Free Coating for Threaded Connections

TMK has implemented a new technology of lubricant-free coating for threaded connections – Green Well. Casing pipes with TMK PF premium connections and the innovative coating were used for assembling casing columns run into the wells at Rosneft's Vankorskoye field.

17.04.2013 Modernization

TMK and Skolkovo Fund Sign Agreement to Establish R&D Centre

TMK, a leading global manufacturer of tubular products for the oil and gas industry, has signed an agreement with the Skolkovo Fund (the “Fund”) to open its research and development facility in the Skolkovo Innovation Centre. The agreement was signed by Dmitry Pumpyanskiy, Chairman of TMK’s Board of Directors, and Viktor Vekselberg, Skolkovo Fund President.

27.09.2012 Modernization

TMK Commissions New Production Lines at TMK-INOX

TMK-INOX, a subsidiary of TMK, has commissioned a shop manufacturing stainless steel and alloy-based welded precision pipes.

20.03.2012 Modernization

TMK IPSCO Begins Development of New Premium Facility in Canada

TMK IPSCO, the North American division of global pipe manufacturer TMK, has begun development of a new 33,000 square-foot pipe threading and service facility in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The state-of-the-art production equipment at the facility will thread a full range of ULTRA™ Premium connections, from 4 1/2 inches to 13 3/8 inches. In addition, the site will offer a full line of accessories, services and repairs. The facility is expected to begin operating in late 2012.

13.02.2009 Modernization

TMK FMT Premium Connections Certified

TMK (LSE: TMKS), one of the world’s largest oil and gas pipe producers, announced today that its TMK FMT premium threaded connection successfully underwent certification testing at Oil States Industries' structural test laboratory in Aberdeen, UK.

12.11.2008 Modernization

ТМК Completes Key Strategic Investment Projects

TMK, one of the world’s largest producers of pipes for the oil and gas industry, today announces that it commissioned a new electric arc furnace (EAF) at its Seversky Tube Works (STZ) subsidiary.  The steelmaking equipment was supplied by SMS Demag and its commissioning marks the completion of key strategic initiatives formulated to increase the efficiency of production processes through the modernisation and expansion of steelmaking operations and pipe-making facilities.

03.11.2008 Modernization

TMK Starts Large Diameter Longitudinal Pipe Production

TMK, one of the world's largest producers of pipes for the oil and gas sector, announces today that production of large-diameter longitudinal welded pipes began at the Volzhsky Pipe Plant.  The successful commissioning of the new 650 thousand tonne HAEUSLER mill doubles Volzhsky’s large-diameter (LD) capacity to 1.2 million tonnes of pipes per year.

24.10.2008 Modernization

New Casing Finishing Line Commissioned at Volzhsky Pipe Plant

TMK announces today that a new 200,000 tpa finishing line for casing pipes was successfully commissioned at its Volzhsky Pipe Plant.  

24.09.2008 Modernization

PQF Mill Launched at TAGMET

TMK (LSE: TMKS), announces today that a 600 thousand tonne capacity Premium Quality Finishing (PQF) seamless rolling mill was brought on line as scheduled at its TAGMET plant in south-western Russia. The first batch of PQF seamless pipes was shipped to Surgutneftegas.

29.08.2008 Modernization

TMK Successfully Tests New Heat Treatment Equipment at its Volzhsky Subsidiary

Volzhsky Pipe Plant (VTZ), TMK’s subsidiary in the Volgograd Region, successfully tested Italian-made equipment installed as part of a new heat treatment line.

11.08.2008 Modernization

Taganrog Metallurgical Works hot-tested new PQF piercing mill

At Taganrog Metallurgical Works (TAGMET), a part of TMK, the first hollow-billet piercing was carried out with the use of the piercing mill of a new pipe-rolling system, part of a Premium Quality Finishing (PQF) continuous mill made by SMS Meer. Annual capacity of the new system will amount to 600 thousand tonnes of seamless pipes.

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