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Our mission

Our mission is to be a "Responsible global supplier of efficient solutions for consumers of steel pipes"

Global - because we will increase our participation in the global pipe business. We intend to expand exports, to optimize and to balance the range of products and markets, strengthening partnerships with our customers and attracting new partners. We consider alliances and partnerships as an opportunity to strengthen our global competitiveness.

Pipes - because we are engaged in the business we can do best. This is the production of steel pipes and provision of related services. We strongly believe in the long-term prospects of profit growth in our industry. We are going to invest in further strengthening the TMK's competitive positions in the industry.

Efficient solutions - because we continue to be an innovative company that builds and develops strong relationships with customers based on the concept of long-term partnerships, quality products and services provided by TMK, as well as ongoing innovative developments that meet the growing needs of our customers.

Responsible - because we respect and highly appreciate the loyalty of our customers and suppliers, employees, and shareholders. We provide support to the regions and protect the environment in the locations of our manufacturing facilities. We continue to provide our customers with additional benefits from the use of our products. We continue to provide our employees with more and more interesting kinds of work, focused on results, as well as opportunities to improve their skills. We duly appreciate and worthily reward the TMK employees for their contribution to the Company's success, and we are committed to the protection of their safety and health as one of our most valuable priorities. We continue to raise money for our shareholders, providing them with a stable long-term oriented financial income.