About TMK

Our mission and strategy

Our mission and strategy


Our mission is to be a responsible global supplier of eco-efficient and safe pipe solutions. We do this whilst striving to provide the highest quality and safest working conditions for our employees, reduce our environmental impact and help improve the quality of life in the regions in which we operate, creating value for our shareholders and all of TMK’s stakeholders.

- Global manufacturer – we are committed to increasing our share of the global pipe market. We intend to optimize the product portfolio and sales markets, deepen relationships with our customers and attract new partners. We see alliances and partnerships as an opportunity to strengthen our global competitiveness.

- Tubular products – we are focused on where we have world-leading expertise. This is the production of steel pipes and related services. We strongly believe in the long-term growth prospects of our industry and intend to invest in further strengthening TMK's competitive industry position.

- Efficient solutions – we continue to be an innovative company that develops strong relationships with clients founded on long-term partnerships, the provision of high quality products and services as well as ongoing development of innovative products that meet evolving customer needs. We produce steel pipes that meet the highest international safety and environmental standards.

- Sustainable supplier – strong relationships with our customers and suppliers, employees and shareholders are extremely important to us. We support the regions in which we operate and minimize our environmental impact including efforts to actively preserve biodiversity and improve quality of life for local communities. In addition to pipe products we offer our customers a suite of services. We strive to be a highly attractive employer, maintaining safe and modern working conditions, offering competitive salaries and opportunities for professional and personal development. We create value for our shareholders through delivering long-term stable financial returns.

- We supply environmentally safe pipe products to customers across the world, we observe global best ESG practices across our operations and are focused on reducing our carbon footprint.



1. Operating:
- Strengthening leading positions in key product segments both in the Russian and global markets
- Maintaining a stable financial position in line with the world's leading pipe manufacturers, maximizing operating cash flows and optimizing the asset portfolio

2. Strategic:
- Expanding and optimizing TMK's production facilities, including via alliances, partnerships and acquisitions
- Deepening long-term partnerships with key consumers and joint entry into new oil and gas production regions
- Implementing breakthrough technologies and services to improve product quality and optimize costs
- Developing complex design solutions for clients using the latest IT technologies

3. ESG:
- Improving our industrial safety level - targeting zero injuries
- Reducing pollutant emissions in accordance with the best global industry standards, improving energy efficiency in production processes and the efficiency of waste management
- Creating new technologies and products for the development of environmentally friendly energy sources, as well as other prospective directions
- Adherence to the best corporate governance practices

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