Sustainable development

Strategic focus areas

Business ethics

TMK is strongly committed to ethical business conduct and makes every effort to prevent violations of applicable laws. TMK’s Code of Ethics is a declaration of the highest ethical standards and moral principles to which the Company is committed throughout its operations. Compliance with ethical and legal standards is monitored via an independent compliance system.

TMK conducts its business in full compliance with anti-corruption laws. The Company maintains an atmosphere of zero tolerance for corrupt practices and has in place robust procedures for promptly identifying, assessing, and mitigating corruption risks. In 2022, TMK’s Anti-corruption Policy was approved, setting out the goals, objectives, and operating principles of the anti-corruption management system.

In 2023, the Anti-corruption Ranking of Russian Business gave TMK a Class AAA rating, which is reserved for companies with extremely robust anti-corruption practices.

TMK is also strongly focused on anti-corruption training: relevant e-courses are available to all Company employees on the SOTA2U corporate HR platform.

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