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Principles of the Corporate Quality Management System

The Company's management has decided to maintain the functioning and continuous development of a corporate management system that meets the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001, foreign, Russian industry quality requirements, as one of the strategic directions of the TMK Group.

To implement the management function of the corporate Quality Management System (CQMS), a Quality Management Systems Service has been created in the TMK Group in the structure of the management Company.

CQMS provides a corporate culture, long-term partnerships and a unified certification that allows PAO TMK to be positioned on the market as a single supplier company focused on the values and expectations of internal and external consumers.

TMK Group's Quality Policy is an official corporate document regulating the development strategy and obligations of the Company's Management in the field of quality, taking into account the basic principles of the quality management system:

- Customer orientation,

- Leadership,

- Employee interaction,

- Process approach,

- Improvement,

- Evidence-based decision-making,

- Relationship management.

Confirmation of compliance

The introduction of modern methods of environmental, energy management, occupational safety and health protection, allows to ensure environmental sustainability and safety of production activities, which is confirmed by the maintenance of certifications of appropriate management systems at the production enterprises of the TMK Group.

The safety and quality of products of TMK Group enterprises is confirmed by certificates of compliance with the requirements of international, national and industry standards for products, European directives and technical regulations of the Customs Union.

Corporate quality management system. Process risk-oriented approach.

The corporate quality management system provides management of organizational, commercial and production activities of enterprises in the field of quality on the basis of a risk-oriented approach and guarantees the fulfillment of Consumer requirements in full.

The Corporate Quality Manual is the main document of the Quality Management System. The corporate quality manual defines the concept of management and development of the quality management system and its processes.

Compliance with the requirements and regulations established by the Corporate Management and related documents of the quality management systems of enterprises ensure compliance of TMK Group's activities with the Quality Policy.

Monitoring of functioning. Continuous improvement

Continuous improvement is carried out based on the analysis of the achieved key indicators of KSMK and in accordance with the adopted development strategy of the Company.

The analysis of the effectiveness of KSMK in the Company is one of the ways to determine the status of the system development, timely decision–making and measures regarding the confirmation of the suitability, adequacy and ability of KSMK to meet the requirements of quality management standards, a platform for planning actions in order to achieve the intended results and increase customer satisfaction at all enterprises of the TMK Group.

Monitoring of the implementation of corporate requirements and planned improvements is carried out at the Company level. Aggregation of monitoring results and analysis of KSMK is provided by the Company's Management in the automated KSMK management system.

The automated management system ensures prompt response to emerging risks along the product life cycle chain, exchange of data and best practices between TMK Group enterprises.

An effective system of corrective and preventive actions, internal audits, monitoring of processes and products, targeted planning, independent conformity assessment allows us to support the process of continuous improvement of TMK Group's corporate quality management system and ensure the confidence of our customers in guaranteed compliance of products with the stated requirements, just in time.

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