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Quality management system principles

The company's management decided to develop and maintain an effective quality management System (QMS) that meets the requirements of international standards ISO 9001 and API Spec Q1, with the aim of continuous improvement of enterprises ' activities as one of the areas of strategic development. To implement the function of managing the corporate quality management system in the TMK Group, a Quality Management System Service was created in the management Company structure.

Certification of each TMK plant is evidence of commitment to the development and implementation of the QMS at the Company's enterprises, as well as continuous improvement of its performance. The QMS that operates at the Company's enterprises meets the requirements of international standards ISO 9001 and API Spec Q1 and is based on seven principles of quality management:

- Customer orientation,
- Leadership,
- The interaction of workers,
- Process approach,
- Improvement,
- Evidence-based decision,
- making - relationship Management

Confirmation of conformity

Besides the QMS, TMK’s plants have implemented and continue to maintain in good working Health, Safety and Environmental Management systems. TMK’s products are certified to the international standards API, TUV, ASTM, DIN, European Directives and others, and have all the necessary permits for their use.

Quality management system. The process approach. Implementation and operation of the system.

Using the Quality Management System ensures management of the organizational, commercial and technical work of the subsidiary in the field of quality and guarantees complete fulfillment of consumers’ demands. As confirmation of this, efforts are underway to have the products and production processes of TMK’s mills qualified by major international purchasers of pipe products.

TMK requires all the employees of its subsidiaries to work in conformity with the requirements of plant quality manuals, the subsidiaries’ current standards and other QMS documents, which is a guarantee that the subsidiaries’ Policy and Goals in the field of quality are being implemented.

The Quality Manual is the main QMS document currently in use at the subsidiaries. The Quality Manual describes the QMS concept developed in conformity with the requirements of the international standards ISO 9001 and API Spec Q1. The QMS processes are described in the manual with a minimum of detail, and links are provided to the subsidiaries’ standards or other QMS documents, where the management of the respective processes are described in more detail.

The fulfillment of the requirements and provisions established in the manual and other documents of the plants’ QMS’s that are consistent with it ensure that the activities of the subsidiaries conform with the Quality Policy directed towards satisfying customers’ requirements and obligatory requirements, and towards increasing customer satisfaction, as well as preventing non-conformity in the production process.

PAO "TMK" has defined and continues to manage the processes that are necessary to ensure that the customer’s requirements are fully met. As a means of carrying out and demonstrating the established processes, the Company has implemented and continues to support and improve the QMS in accordance with ISO 9001 and API Spec Q1.

The consistency and interconnection of the QMS processes in general form:

Check of functioning. Constant improvement.

The results of the functioning of the plant quality management systems are closely monitored by plant and TMK directors during the analysis of the management systems at all levels. An effective system of correcting and preventive actions, internal audits, monitoring of processes and products, targeted planning, and independent confirmation of conformity (of the certification and qualification of the TMK plants’ management and product systems) makes it possible to assure our customers that they will receive products that meet the declared requirements just-in-time, as well as support the process of uninterrupted improvement of TMK’s QMS.

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