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Customer priorities

Development of comprehensive and mutually beneficial relations with the clients is one way to increase the efficiency of Company operations.

The technical sales service has been delegated an important role in coordinating our proposals with consumer interests.
It not only works to enhance current sales operations, it also facilitates the planning of relations with our clients based on their long-term needs within a mid-range perspective. In order to improve interaction and to increase the level of customer satisfaction, the Company implemented CRM (Customer Relations Management) system.

The CRM system is designed to increase the effectiveness of the interaction of the sales divisions with the consumer base, to increase efficiency of the response to customer requests, to speed up the processing applications and preparation of business proposals, to enhance customer satisfaction through an analysis of their comments and suggestions on how orders have been fulfilled, to establish a strong feedback connection with the Company’s consumers.

A traditional practice with clients is to hold regular scientific and practical conferences with the customers on the use of pipe products manufactured by TMK for various sectors of the economy.

In the course of such conferences, specialists receive an excellent opportunity to identify trends, to discuss current and future challenges arising in the pipe industry, and to identify solutions.
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