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Dividend Policy

On 21 January 2007 the Board of Directors of TMK approved the Dividend Policy of TMK, which was developed in accordance with Russian legislation, the Charter of TMK and its internal documents. The main objective of the dividend policy is to establish a transparent and efficient mechanism for determining the total amount of dividends and to introduce the procedure governing their payment. The dividend policy aims to increase PAO "TMK"'s capitalization, heighten its investment appeal and increase the prosperity of shareholders. In accordance with the Dividend Policy, PAO "TMK"'s target is to pay dividends amounting to at least 25% of annual IFRS consolidated net profits. The actual percentage is based on the net profits for the reporting period, production development needs, the Company's investment plans, the availability of external funding and other relevant factors. The decision on three-month, six-month and nine-month dividend is taken by a shareholders' meeting within three months after the end of the respective quarter. The decision on annual dividends is taken at the annual General Meeting of Shareholders.


Dividend Period Type Record Date Dividend Per Share (RUB) Total Amount (RUB)
2014 Interim 12-Jan-15 0.397 393,786,159.48
2013 Full Year 07-Jul-14 0.78 731,317,153.32
2013 Interim 04-Oct-13 1.04 975,089,537.76
2012 Full Year 20-May-13 0.84 787,572,318.96
2012 Interim 27-Sep-12 1.50 1,406,379,141.00
2011 Full Year 21-May-12 2.70 2,531,482,453.80
2011 Interim 03-Oct-11 0.93 871,955,067.42
2010 Full Year 19-May-11 0.85 796,948,179.90
2008 Interim 03-Oct-08 1.75 1,527,751,750.00
2007 Full year 15-May-08 1.03 899,191,030.00
2007 Interim 08-Nov-07 3.63 3,168,993,630.00
2006 Full Year 21-May-07 4.30 3,753,904,300.00
2005 Full Year 15-May-06 0.54 473,358,602.22
2005 Interim 5-May-05 0.084 73,332,084.00