Sustainable development

Our approach

Our approach

TMK is a responsible supplier of environmentally efficient and safe solutions for pipe consumers. Since the Company’s inception, we have been active across all areas of sustainability, implementing initiatives in line with best practices, with environmental, social, and governance criteria made central to TMK’s strategic management and development.

TMK’s approach to sustainability management is set out in its Sustainability Policy. We adhere to the following key principles: compliance with Russian and international laws, ethical conduct, respect for human rights, best governance practices, sustainability risk management, effective stakeholder engagement, responsible supply chain, and commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs).

TMK has identified nine relevant UN SDGs where it can contribute the most.

TMK’s Sustainability Strategy for 2022–2027 identifies seven key strategic environmental, social, and governance focus areas.

Environmental protection >> Climate action >> Occupational healthand safety >> Human capitaldevelopment >> Developing the regionsof operation >> Business developmentand economicvalue creation >> Business ethics >> sustainability dimensions addressed by TMK


Strategic focus areas


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