28/04/17 18:49 MOEX (RUR): 73.50 change in % -1.60 LSE (USD): 5.22 change in % -0.03

TMK securities are traded on the London Stock Exchange, the OTCQX trading platform and Moscow Exchange
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  • TMK Russian Division includes plants located in Russia and CIS countries.

    – Volzhsky Pipe Plant
    – Seversky Tube Works
    – Sinarsky Pipe Plant
    – Taganrog Metallurgical Works
    – TMK-Kaztrubprom
    – TMK-INOX
    – TMK-CPW

  • TMK IPSCO, TMK American Division, is an industry leader, combining state-of-the-art technology, top-notch talent, and powerful manufacturing capabilities to create and deliver a broad range of innovative tubular products.

  • TMK European Division includes plants located in Romania as well as sales branches in Germany and Italy.

    – TMK Europe GmbH
    – TMK Italia s.r.l.

  • TMK Middle East Division includes TMK GIPI plant located in Sohar (Oman).

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