About TMK



- Legality

The key element of the Company’s activities is strict observance of the applicable legislation, the Articles of Association and policies of the Company (including this Code), and good business practices. The image and reputation of the Company, as well as that of each and every one of its employees, depend on these rules being enforced. The Company undertakes to abide conscientiously by the generally accepted principles and rules of international law, international treaties and legislation of the countries in which the Company operates.

- Customer focus

We see customer focus and business profitability as our key mission and primary commitment to our shareholders. Our priority goal is to exceed performance targets of the Company and all of its employees. Each employee should be focused on continuous self-improvement, training and development, striving to meet the needs of clients/customers (both external and internal) and the agreed timelines.

- Effectiveness

Achieving strong results implies maximum effectiveness and result-oriented performance. The Company’s resources must be used efficiently, economically and strictly for their intended purpose. Wastefulness and misuse of the Company’s property are unacceptable.

- Safety

The Company focuses on three safety areas: people’s lives and health, safety of property and information security. Safety of our employees, their lives and health are the Company’s absolute priorities. Safe work is key to the Company’s success and robust performance.

- Respect

Our success roots in our relations. Teamwork, respect for colleagues (both superiors and subordinates), shareholders, partners, and clients are fundamental for the Company. By respecting each other, we create opportunities for each of us to unlock our talents and potential and drive the Company’s growth further.

- Openness

TMK is committed to information transparency and openness of its activities for its shareholders, employees and third parties. The Company uses all available information channels to provide all stakeholders with unhindered access to its disclosures.

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