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Creating fair employment conditions for employees, the Company expects the following professional qualities from them:
- Initiative;
- Responsible attitude toward work;
- Business goals-oriented attitude;
- Professional integrity;
- Cooperativeness;
- Teamwork;
- Conscientious workplace discipline;
- Professional optimism and high-spiritedness;
- Advancing professional qualifications and productive use of acquired skills.

We continuously strive to motivate the best employees, nominating them for government and company awards.

TMK's company incentives and awards include:
- an expression of gratitude from TMK;
- awarding TMK commendations;
- conferring the title "TMK Distinguished Employees" and awarding a Badge and Certificate;
- awarding and presenting I (first) and II (second) order "TMK Merit Badges" and certificates;
- awarding and presenting the Honorary distinction "TMK Mark of Honour" and certificates.