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Human capital development

TMK employees are the Company’s core asset and a driving force behind the Company’s success. By 2023, the total headcount of TMK enterprises exceeded 60 thousand people.

TMK ensures that its employees are provided with decent working conditions, social support, and opportunities to unlock their potential and build a career. The Company has in place a comprehensive system of manager training and development, the management talent pool. Each year, more than 70% of management positions are filled with the employees included in the Company’s talent pool. TMK also offers opportunities for horizontal career development to become a mentor, internal trainer, business coach, or e-course developer, as well as to engage in employee-suggestion programs and do project work.

TMK deems it important not only to create a suitable working environment but also to provide equal opportunities for employees regardless of gender, age, health, and other factors. Non-discrimination of any kind is mandated by TMK’s Code of Ethics and Sustainability Policy.

Since 2017, TMK2U Corporate University has been operating within the Company to provide all employees with a variety of learning opportunities. To better engage and develop our people, we leverage the corporate HR platform SOTA2U, the mobile app Mobi2U, and a range of corporate media outlets while also running annual Company-wide events such as the Horizons forum and the Master Games corporate vocational skills competition.

An important part of our activity is career guidance efforts spanning all levels of education. These efforts are aimed at promoting engineering careers and help build a pool of promising young talents to later recruit them into TMK enterprises. Since 2021, TMK has been involved in the Professionalitet federal project focused on providing hands-on training for students to meet the needs of industrial companies. TMK has helped to set up metals industry education and production clusters in five regions where the Company operates: the Volgograd, Orenburg, Rostov, Sverdlovsk, and Chelyabinsk Regions.

Employee volunteering is an integral part of TMK’s corporate culture. The Company provides relevant support to its employees while enabling the implementation of their projects. The Employee Volunteer Center run by the corporate Sinara Charitable Foundation was launched in 2022. A systematic approach to organizing volunteer activities is set out in TMK’s Employee Volunteering Policy.

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