Sustainable development

Strategic focus areas

Developing the regions of operation

TMK contributes significantly to the development of the regions where it operates. The Company runs long-term social-impact programs in healthcare, education, culture, and sports, providing support for non-governmental and non-profit organizations and healthcare centers.

The Company’s approach to engagement with local communities is governed by its Policy on Social Investment, Charitable, and Sponsorship Activities and the Regulations on TMK’s Charity Policy.

Since 2007, the corporate Sinara Charitable Foundation has acted as the single operator of TMK’s philanthropy activities. The Foundation implements projects of various scales and rolls out best practices across the footprint of the Company’s key enterprises:
- Projects to support specific individuals
- Joint projects
- Grant competitions for non-profit organizations and local communities
- Targeted aid
- Targeted support for non-profit organizations

On top of that, each enterprise organizes its own social-impact initiatives aimed to promote the well-being of local communities in response to requests from stakeholders (local residents, municipal administrations, social infrastructure facilities, etc.).

Infrastructure development within the Company’s footprint is a key focus area for TMK. The Company is engaged in projects to renovate key areas for the community and preserve the historical and cultural heritage of local cities, all while creating a comfortable living environment for local residents.

To engage with local communities, TMK uses a range of formal and informal channels and conducts surveys of residents across its footprint so as to identify their priority needs. Details of current initiatives are published in relevant plants’ newspapers, the corporate YourTube magazine, and the proTMK newspaper, as well as spotlighted in corporate TV reports to inform the wider public.

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