Sustainable development

Strategic focus areas

Business development and economic value creation

TMK consistently works to strengthen its market position in an effort to maintain sustainable operations going forward.

The Company discloses its performance to ensure transparency to stakeholders, making this information publicly available on TMK’s page on Interfax’s Corporate Information Disclosure Center portal.

TMK’s robust position in the pipe market, sustainable business, and growth potential are reflected in its strong credit ratings in Russia.

The Company adheres to stringent sustainability standards throughout its operations and expects its partners to demonstrate a similar approach. Building a responsible supply chain is one of TMK’s future sustainability objectives. In 2022, TMK Group’s Counterparty Management Policy was developed and adopted. It comprises recommendations to TMK’s counterparties on compliance with business ethics standards, occupational health and safety rules and requirements, and environmental safety regulations.

In 2023, the Company developed a system to screen suppliers using sustainability criteria and launched it to vet its key suppliers.

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