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Key data

Key data

TMK is a leading supplier of steel piping, piping solutions and supporting services for different sectors of the economy. TMK produces threaded pipes, special pipes, pipeline systems and other products for the energy sector, chemical, mechanical engineering, construction and other sectors. The company has wide-ranging expertise in the mechanical engineering sector, provides engineering solutions for power generation and metallurgical facilities and is developing a new line of products for the hydrogen energy sector.

TMK combines production sites and sales offices in Russia and abroad. It also owns several oil services companies, which together form its subsidiary TMK Neftegazservis. In addition to supplying its products, the company also provides a wide range of services in relation to the selection of piping products and the custom development of new designs, as well as supporting services including warehousing and pipe repair.

TMK is constantly uprading its scientific and technological skill base and is implementing advanced solutions with the support of an R&D center in Moscow and the Russian Research Institute of the Pipe Industry (RusNITI) in Chelyabinsk. The company is able to provide a full cycle of advanced piping solutions, from the initial concept development to testing and the launch of production.

TMK has an extensive sales network, which allows it to distribute its products to customers in Russia and abroad. The company’s shares are listed on the Moscow Stock Exchange.

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