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PAO "TMK" ordinary shares are traded on Moscow Exchange under the TRMK ticker (Bloomberg: TRMK: RM / Reuters: TRMK.MM).


One depositary receipt represents 4 ordinary shares

CUSIP: 87260R201 87260R102
ISIN: US87260R2013 US87260R1023


Information for depositary receipt holders in connection with the voluntary tender offer made by VTZ to acquire ordinary shares of TMK



As of 31 December 2019, TMK share capital was comprised of 1,033,135,366 fully paid ordinary shares, with a nominal value of RUB 10 each. TMK does not have any preferred shares.

Share capital amounts to RUB 10,331,353,660. 


In February 2010, Board of Directors of PAO "TMK" authorized an increase of the share capital by 86,166,871 shares with par value of RUB 10 per each share. In June 2010, TMK received US$ 279.4 million, from shareholders as consideration for the issuance of 64,585,094 shares, representing approximately 7.4% of the issued and fully paid share capital before additional issue.

In June 2014, TMK's Board of Directors made a decision to approve a share capital increase by the issuance of additional shares in the amount of 56,000,000 shares under open subscription. The offering price has been set up at the level of RUB 101.25 per share. In December 2014, the Company issued 54,321,166 shares. RUSNANO acquired the major part of shares in TMK's additional public offering and now owns a 5.476% share in the Company.

In March 2016, TMK’s Board of Directors decided to increase the Company's share capital by placing 44 million additional ordinary shares via open subscription. The offering price was set at 71 rubles per share. Total number of additional shares placed in August 2016 amounted to 41,228,106 ordinary shares.


In February 2017, TMK completed the secondary public offering of 138,888,888 existing ordinary shares by its wholly owned subsidiary Rockarrow Investments Limited. The offering price was set at RUB 75 per ordinary share. The proceeds from the offering in the amount of RUB 10.4 billion were used to purchase 138,888,888 ordinary shares from VTB Bank pursuant to a call option.