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TMK to launch its own accelerator to attract high-tech startups

TMK is launching its own corporate accelerator program enabling startup contribution to the Company’s technological development. Under the project, young developers will propose and implement innovative ideas to address business problems specific to TMK’s production units.

TMK’s R&D facility in the Skolkovo Innovation Center will be the program operator. Driven by requests from the Company’s business units, the R&D facility will translate these needs into a list of areas to source unique high-tech solutions from Russian and foreign startups. The facility currently invites applications in the following categories: New Technologies and Solutions for the Pipe Industry, New Materials and Coating Technologies, Hydrogen Energy, Quality Control, Digital Twins, and Ecology.

The accelerator will be an ongoing program, partnering with startups on a case-by-case basis depending on the project maturity and production readiness. Under the accelerator program, the R&D facility, TMK companies and, as and if necessary, third-party experts will help to refine proposed ideas. Depending on the outcome, startups may be offered various collaboration formats ranging from the purchase of the concept, technology or manufactured equipment to the project implementation contract.

“TMK is going through another round of technological transformation. Following a major upgrade of production facilities in 2006–2019, we are now actively deploying digital technologies across all operations, gearing up for the transition from the Industry 4.0 concept dominated by process and equipment digitization tools to Industry 5.0, with changes focused around our people. These processes require a constant influx of cutting-edge ideas that may not yet be available on the market. TMK launches the accelerator to identify, select and refine such initiatives for industrial implementation. We plan to select the best solutions for piloting at TMK facilities before the end of 2021,” said Sergey Chikalov, TMK’s Deputy CEO for Technological Development and Technical Sales.

The first participants of TMK’s corporate accelerator will include startups that took part in the PipeIndustryTech track, which TMK and the Moscow Agency of Innovations hosted as part of the Moscow Accelerator program. A total of 29 Moscow startups offering high-tech solutions for new production technologies and environmental protection were picked as the project finalists.

Startups can submit their proposals through

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