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TMK placed in the top category of Russia’s corporate philanthropy leaders ranking

TMK has been awarded the highest A+ category in the Corporate Philanthropy Leaders ranking compiled by the Association of Grantmaking Organizations Donors Forum. In addition, TMK’s charity projects won top places at the annual competition of corporate social programs held by the Association.

The rated companies were divided into six categories: Leaders, Best Practice, Advanced Practice, Good Practice, Evolving Practice, and Emerging Practice. The ranking was compiled based on the companies’ credentials in corporate social responsibility. A panel of judging experts reviewed the approach, management level and improvement process for corporate philanthropy activities and social investment, as well as relevant stakeholder engagement. TMK’s many years of extensive efforts in this area have been highly praised by the experts.

TMK’s Sinarsky Pipe Plant (SinTZ) won a separate competition for the best corporate social projects for its Young Employees of SinTZ project – the first-place winner in the Best Program (Project) Promoting the Youth Policy of the Russian Federation category. As part of the project, Sinarsky Pipe Plant’s young employees participate in social and philanthropy initiatives and assist school and university students in choosing their career, shaping the plant’s positive image as an employer.

In the Best Programme Fostering Sustainability with Grant Competitions (Best Grant Competition) category, TMK won the third place with its grant competition for non-profit organizations (NPOs) held by Sinara Charitable Foundation, a single operator of philanthropy activities for TMK enterprises. The grant competition for NPOs has been run since 2007, supporting more than 400 social NPO initiatives over the years. The project currently covers 10 Russian cities.

Vladimir Oborsky, TMK’s Deputy CEO for Marketing overseeing TMK’s sustainability activities, said: “It is a great honor for TMK to be placed in the top category of the Corporate Philanthropy Leaders ranking. The Company runs a wide range of philanthropy projects in healthcare, education, sports, volunteering, culture, and arts. Each of these initiatives contributes to the development of our regions of operation. TMK will continue its systematic engagement in corporate philanthropy to improve the quality of life for local communities, guided by the principles of dedication, creativeness and mutual assistance.”

This year’s Corporate Philanthropy Leaders project is the 17th event at which companies are ranked and social projects are examined. Over the years, more than 200 Russian and foreign companies operating in Russia with annual sales over RUB 100 million have taken part in the project. TMK and its projects regularly receive high scores from the competition’s judging panel.

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