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TMK recognized as the Company of the Future for developing TMK2U Corporate University

TMK has received the Company of the Future award from the Company business magazine. The Company’s project to establish and develop TMK2U Corporate University, which marked its fifth anniversary in 2022, was named the winner in the Talent Pool category.

Entries in this category included a total of 12 projects from companies that develop corporate universities and their own training programs for young people. The award’s expert panel shortlisted three finalist projects for an open vote on the Company business magazine website. The project to establish and develop TMK2U Corporate University was highly praised by the expert panel, making it to the shortlist and then winning the final voting.

Opened in November 2017, TMK2U provides training to more than 80% of TMK employees each year. Today, the Corporate University is an ecosystem that ensures support for any business project of the Company by providing training, creating teams and serving as a shared information space for all employees to communicate with each other and management.

TMK2U Corporate University develops and delivers training programs in five areas (more than 400 programs are currently available in its catalog). Online courses on SOTA2U, ТМК2U’s proprietary HR platform, have been taken more than 370 thousand times.

TMK2U is responsible for recruitment, career guidance, onboarding, assessment, certification, and research. The university also identifies talented employees and fosters corporate culture through company-wide annual events – the Horizons forum and the Master Games vocational skills competition – as well as through the Mobi2U corporate mobile app.

Elena Pozolotina, TMK Deputy CEO for Human Resources – Director of TMK2U Corporate University, said: “TMK to You – one of the meanings of the university name – implies that this knowledge platform is open to everyone. With TMK2U, the Company promotes access to quality education for all and creates lifelong learning opportunities, in line with sustainability principles. This award from the respected business publication – Company magazine – confirms that TMK2U Corporate University is moving in the right direction. With its wealth of expertise, TMK2U plans to actively drive its further development, including in providing training services to external customers.”

The Company business magazine has held its annual Company of the Year award since 1999 to recognize the best companies for their achievements. In 2022, it updated the award format to identify companies that in the reporting year set or followed trends shaping the future of the economy.

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