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TMK2U Corporate University trained 900 employees of partner companies in 2022

TMK’s TMK2U Corporate University delivered over 40 training sessions and assessments for external customers in 2022, benefitting 900 employees of partner companies.

Energy enterprises – our key clients – received industry-specific training related to operating TMK pipe and tubular products. TMK2U also held training events and business meetings for transport engineering, financial, development, and IT companies and educational institutions. External customers choose products such as technical and management skills programs, e-courses and competency assessment services.

Plans for 2023 include increasing the number of client projects, including by developing training programs and HR procedures from scratch to meet specific customer needs. Another growth area is strengthening partnerships with industry-related universities and holding conferences and work meetings to build expert communities and reinforce the Company’s position in the training and HR services market.

Elena Pozolotina, TMK Deputy CEO for Human Resources – Director of TMK2U Corporate University, said: “Over the five years since its inception, TMK2U has become a powerful training tool that meets the Company’s needs in sourcing and training talent for growth projects. With our expertise, we were able to successfully enter the external market, occupy a niche in providing industry training programs for specialists and managers, and prove the strength of our approach to building soft and hard skills and addressing other HR tasks. For the Company and TMK2U, this focus area is more than just business diversification; it is, above all, an opportunity to better learn the needs of our partners, have an independent perspective and strengthen our capabilities.”

TMK2U was established in 2017 to support continuous development of TMK employees. Today, the Corporate University offers more than 400 training programs and over 370 e-courses. In 2020, the university started offering training programs, employee evaluation services and social surveys to external customers. This area is the responsibility of TMK2U’s Client Program Development Center.

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