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TMK and the NTI Platform partner to drive joint innovation

TMK and the National Technology Initiative Platform (NTI Platform) have agreed to jointly develop and promote innovative projects. A cooperation agreement to that effect has been signed by Igor Pyshmintsev, TMK’s Director for Research Development and CEO of TMK’s R&D facility in Skolkovo, and Andrey Siling, Executive Director of the NTI Platform.

The agreement aims to ensure long-term cooperation, information sharing and expertise exchange between the parties, while driving the competitiveness of industrial products through innovations, improved R&D potential and higher professional mobility of young talent.

The parties will share their experience in implementing innovations and digital technologies, develop and expand the technology infrastructure and support projects of the NTI Platform and TMK, contribute to standards that are required to deliver these projects, promote exports of high-tech solutions, and cooperate in employee development, including via TMK2U Corporate University.

Igor Pyshmintsev said: “For many years, TMK has been focusing on creating high-tech products that drive the development of Russia’s energy sector, provide substitution for imports and strengthen industrial safety. To speed up the adoption of new technology, we actively work on our own R&D potential and expand our external connections, engaging with partners from start-ups to industrial giants. Through collaborating with such a strong innovation engine as the NTI Platform, we will gain access to a wider range of advanced ideas and help to explore and operationalize them – all while bringing our own initiatives to new markets.”

Andrey Siling commented: “The key benefits of innovative cooperation include the exchange of expertise and experience, technology transfer, joint development of innovations and, finally, joint support for start-ups and commercialization of R&D solutions. We as a technology community, and TMK as a large business, both need innovations that create new opportunities, markets, professions, and jobs. We are delighted to have a new major partner within the ecosystem of the NTI Platform, with extensive technical expertise and a sophisticated innovation infrastructure. We believe that, together with TMK, we will be able to deliver the market’s best projects, create effective mechanisms to search for promising start-ups, enhance NTI and TMK teams, accelerate the adoption of their solutions in the Company's business, and build a training system to prepare employees for new global markets.”

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