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The greatest potential for developing industry ecosystems lies within digital

TMK believes that the digital environment offers the greatest opportunity to pool resources in order to strengthen the position of Russian industry. This was the message conveyed by Dmitry Yakob, TMK’s IT Director, when he spoke at the forum on Industrial Policy in Implementing the Strategy for the Digital Transformation of Industry, organized by the Committee on Industrial Policy and Technical Regulation of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RSPP).

The forum was part of the Russian Business Weeks, held this year in a hybrid online/offline format. During the event, TMK presented its digital transformation projects and shared its vision for a secure environment for business process digitization.

Dmitry Yakob said:

“As more and more of TMK’s business processes go digital, we become increasingly exposed to risks from malicious network activity, and we are responding to these threats. We adopted our Strategy to Ensure and Improve Cybersecurity in 2019 and set up our Security Operations Center in 2020, which currently covers all of our major production sites. This fall, we held Russia’s first large-scale cross-industry cyber training at the National CyberRange – a joint event with Sinara Group and Rostelecom-Solar. So we are fully ready to face any potential threats.”

He also noted the Company’s steady progress in building out its digital infrastructure. TMK is breaking new ground in technology innovation by advancing a string of major IT projects, most prominently the rollout of the Integrated Planning System (IPS) and TMK’s Digital Production program centered around the Manufacturing Execution System (MES). Through these projects, TMK is shifting its planning tasks online to enable the most balanced, informed and effective decisions, while being able to monitor all elements of the production process in real time.

“The full digitization of the entire order management process benefits both TMK and its customers. They need our processes to fit into their production planning systems as much as possible, so as to build an end-to-end supply chain and identify cross-system synergies. We believe that an uninterrupted process chain and an effective flow of processes between systems is becoming a decisive competitive advantage. The suite of digital solutions we have been rolling out will help us deliver the level of customer service our clients expect,” said Dmitry Yakob.

TMK has also been upgrading its CRM system as part of its Digital Heart of Sales project. In addition to its core projects, the Company is also advancing a number of adjacent initiatives, some of which are real breakthroughs for the industry: for instance, the SAP-based blockchain ledger of quality certificates for metal products launched jointly with Severstal and United Metallurgical Company (OMK) and accessed via the Pipe Industry Development Fund website. Other industry players are expected to join the initiative going forward.

“Our experience suggests that the digital environment enables the fastest possible development of such ecosystems and engagement with our partners and customers while offering the greatest potential for pooling resources, capturing synergies and driving progress towards our common goals around strengthening the position of the Russian industry,” said Dmitry Yakob.

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