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TMK’s facilities increase their energy independence

TMK has commissioned autonomous thermal power plants (TPPs) at its Pervouralsk Pipe Plant (PNTZ) and Chelyabinsk Pipe Plant (Chelpipe) to supply electricity and heat to the facilities. Partial transition to power supply from own TPPs has enabled us to improve the energy mix at production facilities all while reducing energy costs.

Aggreko Eurasia acted as the general contractor and equipment supplier for the project. Chelpipe operates two Aggreko modular TPPs with a capacity of 13.44 MW and 4.48 MW. PNTZ operates a 14.3 MW modular TPP and a 16.8 MW peak boiler designed to increase the temperature within the plant’s heating network in periods of extreme freezing conditions.

The thermal power plants are equipped with catalytic exhaust gas cleaning systems and reciprocating engines running on natural gas. All TPPs feature an associated heat recovery system: heat recovery boilers collect the thermal energy generated by equipment operation and feed it to the plant’s heating network. The deployment of green technologies and a high level of automation minimize the TPPs’ environmental impact. The solutions used help remove 95% of nitrogen oxides and 90% of carbon oxides from exhaust gases.

 “The commissioning of the thermal power plants has significantly increased the energy independence of Pervouralsk Pipe Plant and Chelyabinsk Pipe Plant. The new TPPs generate 50% of Chelpipe’s electricity needs and 40% of its heat needs, and 22% of electricity and 20% of heat consumed by PNTZ. Thus, we can achieve an economic benefit of RUB 280 million per year, guarantee uninterrupted power supply to production facilities, and control the generation process itself, primarily its environmental performance. Our TPPs are cost-effective while thorough exhaust gas cleaning minimizes the environmental impact,” said Vyacheslav Popkov, TMK’s First Deputy CEO – Chief Engineer.

 “The launch of thermal power plants at Chelpipe and PNTZ is a major milestone for our Company. The green TPPs were piloted on July 6, 2020 and April 1, 2021, respectively. The TPPs’ operation is supervised by employees of TMK’s newly created energy centers, who are in close contact with Aggreko experts to monitor uninterrupted power supply to the shops. We pioneered the use of a heat recovery system along with the construction of a peak boiler and a catalytic exhaust gas cleaning system in Eurasia, which was the key challenge for our Company,” said Mikhail Tolmachev, Project Design & Delivery Manager at Aggreko Eurasia.

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