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Igor Korytko: cyber threats will not stop digital transformation

TMK will continue the digital transformation of its business and is confident in its IT tools, but also intends to reduce the risk of cyber incidents through a range of information security measures. This was announced by Igor Korytko, CEO of TMK, at the INNOPROM-2021 international trade fair.

During the DigitaPros and Cons: Trusted Industrial Data as One of Digital Transformation Key Components session, Igor Korytko noted that TMK uses digital technology to coordinate production units, optimize workload, reallocate tasks, conduct R&D and other processes, thereby improving its business efficiency. He said that the Company takes into account existing cyber threats and records incidents occurring in different regions of the world. That said, TMK is clearly focused on continuing the digital transformation.

“It would be wrong to limit digital transformation because of data leakage risks. We support digitalization because working with data bears a great potential for business development. But in doing so, we address the challenges of protecting the data and building optimal systems to secure our business operations. The Company has been implementing a comprehensive cyber security assurance and development strategy for several years. 2020 demonstrated the soundness of our strategy as, amid increased risks and threats, we were able to secure the Company from cyber attacks”, said Igor Korytko.

In 2020, TMK launched the Security Operations Center, responsible for monitoring and incident response at the key connected sites. The Company also actively cooperates with the State System of Detecting, Preventing and Eliminating the Consequences of Computer Attacks (GosSOPKA). To enhance information security, TMK makes a significant effort to implement Federal Law No. 187-FZ On Security of Critical Information Infrastructure of the Russian Federation. We also put a lot of effort in implementing the law at the staff level, with TMK2U Corporate University raising employee awareness and teaching basic digital hygiene skills and methods of countering cyberthreats.

At the same time, according to Igor Korytko, the industry follows a comprehensive approach to ensuring information security and resorts to the expertise of industrial partners. They are the ones providing specific solutions that are integrated into the overall cybersecurity systems of large companies.

“In this respect, Russian companies are well positioned. Our country has its own expertise in building comprehensive corporate cyber defense systems. Russian developers have all the necessary competencies to create their own solutions of the highest level”, said Igor Korytko.

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