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TMK ready to supply products for the hydrogen cluster being created on Sakhalin

TMK is ready to supply high-tech products for the hydrogen cluster being built in the Sakhalin Region, as announced by Sergey Rekin, Director for Development and Technical Sales of TMK Premium Products, speaking at the Sakhalin Oil & Gas 2021 energy forum in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.

At the session devoted to establishing a hydrogen cluster on Sakhalin to develop a green economy in the Far East, Sergey Rekin highlighted that TMK already produces a whole range of special and stainless steels for hydrogen production and transportation, including the capture of associated carbon dioxide generated during the production of blue hydrogen from natural gas.

“No matter what path hydrogen energy development takes on Sakhalin, new production capacity will need pipe and tubular products. TMK is ready to supply pipes and other products to the Sakhalin hydrogen cluster. We offer solutions that have been tried and tested when implementing projects for gas chemical facilities and the nuclear industry – we are talking about comprehensive supply of pipe and tubular products, including connection elements. In addition, we are ready to engage in designing and building hydrogen power facilities together with Sinara Group’s Sinatom,” said Sergey Rekin.

He also announced that TMK will team up with Sakhalin State University to develop technologies and build a talent pipeline for the hydrogen energy industry. The parties signed a relevant agreement in July 2021.

“We will jointly conduct R&D, participate in the development of educational programs, and share capabilities relating to pipe production and talent training. Also, together with Sakhalin State University, we intend to get actively involved in developing and harmonizing regulations required to set up production facilities within the Sakhalin hydrogen cluster,” noted Sergey Rekin.

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