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18.07.2022 Environment

TMK launches the construction of a new environmental facility at Chelyabinsk Pipe Plant

TMK has launched the construction of a new environmental facility, AQA Balance, an industrial and storm water treatment facility, at its Chelyabinsk Pipe Plant (CHTPZ). The facility will cover a total area of 3.8 thousand sq. meters. State-of-the-art technical solutions applied...

28.06.2022 Environment

TMK wins the ECOTECH-LEADER 2022 national award

TMK has been named a winner of the ECOTECH-LEADER 2022 annual National Environmental Technology Awards. The AQA project implemented at two TMK enterprises, Pervouralsk Pipe Plant and Chelyabinsk Pipe Plant (PNTZ and CHTPZ), and aimed at minimizing the environmental impact from pr...

25.05.2022 Environment

TMK completes phase two of a gas cleaning equipment upgrade project at Chelyabinsk Pipe Plant

TMK’s Chelyabinsk Pipe Plant has completed phase two of a project to install and upgrade gas cleaning equipment. The company commissioned a unit to treat 50 thousand m3 of air per hour, with treatment efficiency up to 99%. The unit is installed in the plasma-cutting area of the...

28.12.2021 Environment

TMK launches innovative air treatment units at PNTZ

A project to replace shop-floor air treatment units has been launched at TMK’s Pervouralsk Pipe Plant (PNTZ). Three types of modern dust control and gas cleaning units with filtration efficiency ranging from 85% to 99% have been commissioned at three PNTZ’s shops. Three units ha...

22.12.2021 Environment

TMK assigned a high ESG score by ACRA

ACRA has assigned an ESG rating to TMK for the first time, assessing the Company at ESG-5, category ESG-C, indicating a high level of ESG (environmental, social and governance) performance. The agency’s experts believe that TMK pays sufficient attention to relevant matters. The...

21.12.2021 Environment

TMK teams up with Gazpromneft-Development to build a responsible supply chain

TMK held a meeting with Gazpromneft-Development and Gazpromneft-Snabzhenie to discuss cooperation on ESG (environmental, social and governance) matters. At the meeting, the parties agreed to actively promote responsible sourcing practices and develop ESG guidelines for suppliers...

07.12.2021 Environment

TMK tops Expert magazine’s sustainability ranking

TMK has topped the 2020 sustainability ranking compiled by the Russian weekly business magazine Expert, increasing its position from seventh to first place over the course of just one year, thanks to the strength of its environmental, social and economic performance. When compil...

02.12.2021 Environment

TMK’s innovation center ranks among the best green building projects in the Moscow Region

TMK and Sinara Group’s R&D facility in Skolkovo has been included in Top 50 Green Building Projects in the Moscow Region. The list includes projects designed for business, public buildings, offices and educational institutions, as well as infrastructure facilities that comply...

23.11.2021 Environment

TMK wins 2021 ECOTECH-LEADER national award

TMK has been recognised in the ECOTECH-LEADER 2021 National Environmental Technology Awards. TMK’s Volzhsky Pipe Plant (VTZ) was awarded for Effective Environmental Management, with TMK itself receiving honours for its effective promotion of environmental technologies. The compe...

19.11.2021 Environment

TMK embeds ESG principles across its regions of operation

TMK, one of the world’s leading producers of tubular products for the oil and gas industry, explained how it consistently integrates ESG principles across its regions of operation at the 15th Russian Regions in the Focus of Changes international conference. TMK was official partn...

20.10.2021 Environment

TMK will invest RUB 1.5 billion to increase its water recycling ratio to 98%

TMK plans to invest RUB 1.5 billion over the next three years in increasing its water recycling ratio to 98% and about RUB 1 billion in further reducing waste generation, said Vyacheslav Popkov, TMK’s First Deputy CEO for Special Projects, at the 4th Industrial Ecology: New Chall...

18.10.2021 Environment

TMK hosts an off-site meeting of ESG and environmental experts as part of the ECOTECH-LEADER 2021 national award

TMK’s Volzhsky Pipe Plant (VTZ) has hosted a joint off-site meeting of the Committee on Environmental Management and Ecology under the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Expert Council of the ECOTECH-LEADER national award. At the meeting, VTZ presented its project t...

14.10.2021 Environment

TMK views ESG as essential to maintaining leadership

TMK is strongly committed to ESG principles (embraces environmentally friendly technologies, develops its employees, and meets high standards of corporate governance) and sees ESG agenda as a critical part of maintaining market leadership. This was the message from Igor Pyshmints...

11.10.2021 Environment

TMK obtains its first integrated environmental permit

TMK’s Taganrog Metallurgical Plant (TAGMET) has obtained an integrated environmental permit, a single permitting document containing mandatory environmental protection requirements and standards for industrial enterprises under the Federal Law On Environmental Protection. TAGMET...

01.10.2021 Environment

TMK showcases its environmental safety and decarbonization projects

At the 3rd international forum Ecology of Metals and Mining, and Oil Producing Facilities 2021, TMK presented projects and programs to ensure the environmental safety of its enterprises and decarbonize production. The forum focused mostly on the decarbonization of metals and min...

27.09.2021 Environment

TMK shares its experience in achieving the highest quality and environmental standards

TMK’s investments along with organizational and technical measures over the last 15 years have enabled a 50% reduction of wastewater, a 30% drop in water consumption, and a 12% reduction in energy intensity across its Russian operations, according to Elena Mikhailova, TMK’s Chief...

14.09.2021 Environment

TMK becomes a strategic partner of a national environmental technology award

TMK has become a strategic partner of the National Environmental Technology Award ECOTECH-LEADER 2021 and will sit on its Supervisory Council. The award is supported by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian Federation, the Russian Chamber of Commerce a...

06.07.2021 Environment

TMK’s production modernization is closely linked to the environmental agenda – Chief Engineer

TMK always considers the environmental factor when modernizing its production facilities and believes that its environmental commitment is a key competitive advantage, stated Vyacheslav Popkov, TMK’s First Deputy CEO – Chief Engineer, at the INNOPROM-2021 international trade fair...

11.06.2021 Environment

TMK demonstrates advanced environmental practices at its plants to Rosprirodnadzor

TMK has demonstrated advanced environmental practices at its plants to the management of the Clean Air federal project run by the Federal Service for the Supervision of Natural Resources (Rosprirodnadzor). Rosprirodnadzor representatives visited TMK’s Seversky Pipe Plant an...

14.04.2021 Environment

Chelpipe deploys a solution with 99.9% gas cleaning efficiency

TMK’s Chelyabinsk Pipe Plant (Chelpipe) completed phase one of a project to retrofit and upgrade gas cleaning equipment. The plant commissioned a new unit that can clean up to 6 million cubic meters of polluted air with an efficiency of 99.9%. The gas-cleaning unit of plas...

01.12.2020 Environment

TMK’s R&D facility in Skolkovo wins a prestigious environmental competition

TMK’s R&D facility at the Skolkovo Innovation Center has won the prestigious competition Environmental Culture. Peace and Accord, held annually by the V.I. Vernadsky Foundation. TMK’s R&D facility environmental certification project won the Environmental Cultu...

23.04.2020 Environment

TMK Announces 1Q 2020 Operational Results

TMK, one of the world’s leading producers of tubular products for the oil and gas industry (the “Group’), announces its operational results for the first quarter of 2020.

27.12.2019 Environment

TMK takes leading positions in RSPP and AK&M ratings for sustainable development and social effectiveness

PAO TMK has confirmed its status as a leader in the field of sustainable development and social effectiveness among Russian companies. In 2019, TMK attained leading positions in rankings for best corporate practices in Responsibility and Transparency, and Sustainable Development assigned by the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, or RSPP. AK&M Analytical Information Agency placed TMK in top position in its annual rating for social effectiveness among Russian metals and mining companies.

18.12.2019 Environment

TMK Announces the U.S. Department of Justice approved Tenaris’s acquisition of IPSCO Tubulars from TMK

December 18, 2019 – PAO TMK announces that the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) has closed its investigation of Tenaris’s proposed acquisition of IPSCO Tubulars, Inc. from PAO TMK.

06.06.2019 Environment

TMK and NOVATEK sign a Strategic Partnership Agreement to supply premium tubular products

PJSC TMK (TMK) and PJSC NOVATEK (NOVATEK) signed a Strategic Partnership and Cooperation Agreement at the 23rd St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. Dmitry Pumpyanskiy, Chairman of TMK’s Board of Directors, and Leonid Mikhelson, Chairman of NOVATEK’s Management Board signed the document.

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