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TMK launches the construction of a new environmental facility at Chelyabinsk Pipe Plant

TMK has launched the construction of a new environmental facility, AQA Balance, an industrial and storm water treatment facility, at its Chelyabinsk Pipe Plant (CHTPZ). The facility will cover a total area of 3.8 thousand sq. meters.

State-of-the-art technical solutions applied at AQA Balance will enable cleaning effluents of petroleum products, suspended particles, organic pollutants, heavy metals, and salts. After passing through all stages at the facility, treated water will be reused for process needs. Excess water treated to water quality standards for category 1 fishing reservoirs will be discharged into Lake Shelyugino.

The ground-breaking ceremony for AQA Balance was attended by Sergey Shal, Deputy Governor of the Chelyabinsk Region, Vladimir Pavlov, Member of the State Duma, Natalya Kotova, Mayor of Chelyabinsk, Igor Korytko, TMK CEO, Valentin Tazetdinov, ChTPZ Managing Director, and ChTPZ employees.

Sergey Shal said: “The Chelyabinsk Region is rich with water, and our task is to preserve this valuable resource and reuse it as much as possible. As one of the region’s majors, ChTPZ plays an important role in these efforts. The first stage of the treatment facilities launched at the plant has already made a significant contribution to improving the environment. The project that begins today will mark another important step towards our common goal. I am confident that the treated water will meet the highest quality standards.”

Igor Korytko said: “TMK places a particular focus on preserving water resources as part of its environmental activities. ChTPZ already operates AQA Crystal, a facility that treats effluents from the industrial etching of pipes. Now we are moving on to the next stage, commencing the construction of the AQA Balance facility, which will treat industrial and storm waters. As a result, a single closed-loop water treatment system will be installed at the enterprise. Through this new project, we are taking another step towards a balance between industry and nature, and this aspiration is reflected in the new facility’s name. The facility is slated for launch in 2023.”

The project to build an industrial and storm water treatment facility is being implemented as part of ChTPZ’s Wastewater Discharge Reduction Plan signed off by the Federal Service for Supervision of Natural Resources in the Chelyabinsk Region in 2017.

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