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Chelpipe deploys a solution with 99.9% gas cleaning efficiency

TMK’s Chelyabinsk Pipe Plant (Chelpipe) completed phase one of a project to retrofit and upgrade gas cleaning equipment. The plant commissioned a new unit that can clean up to 6 million cubic meters of polluted air with an efficiency of 99.9%.

The gas-cleaning unit of plasma cutters for large diameter pipes features 32 membrane filter elements and cleans air of suspended particles, dust and gas-air mixtures affecting the environment.

 “Retrofitting and upgrading gas cleaning equipment using the best available technologies is a priority within the plant’s activities under the Clean Air federal project. State-of-the-art gas cleaning systems will be retrofitted to two more of Chelpipe’s pipe rolling facilities by year-end 2022. A total of more than RUB 180 million will be invested in the project before 2024,” noted Valentin Tazetdinov, Chelpipe Managing Director.

Chelpipe was one of the first industrial companies in Chelyabinsk to propose retrofitting and upgrading gas cleaning equipment to remove suspended particles, dust and gas-air mixtures. The upgrade project is being implemented under a quadripartite agreement signed by the company with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian Federation, Federal Service for Supervision of Natural Resources and the Government of the Chelyabinsk Region. The initiative was included in the list of initiatives under the action plan to reduce pollutant emissions in Chelyabinsk approved under the Clean Air federal project.

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