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TMK’s production modernization is closely linked to the environmental agenda – Chief Engineer

TMK always considers the environmental factor when modernizing its production facilities and believes that its environmental commitment is a key competitive advantage, stated Vyacheslav Popkov, TMK’s First Deputy CEO – Chief Engineer, at the INNOPROM-2021 international trade fair in Yekaterinburg.

During the Ecology – a New Business Responsibility round table, Vyacheslav Popkov noted that since the merger of TMK’s major assets in 2004, the Company has been modernizing its production while pursuing a technology development strategy to build new environmentally friendly steelmaking and rolling facilities. TMK’s production facilities include gas treatment systems with a more than 99% efficiency and modern water systems with a virtually closed loop and minimal intake of fresh water for operational needs. The Company adopted modern principles of waste management, recycling more than 4 million tonnes of previously accumulated production waste.

“Technology solutions implemented by TMK have always incorporated the environmental aspect. In modernizing our facilities, we apply best available technologies, which improve production efficiency while also reducing our environmental footprint. More than 10% of the $5 billion under a major capacity upgrade program was spent directly on environmental protection measures. At the same time, we take further steps to abate our CO2 emissions, develop technologies that integrate the use of hydrogen in our operations, and work together with manufacturers of industrial equipment to improve our environmental performance”, said Vyacheslav Popkov.

He also said that TMK was promoting the environmental agenda. For this, in particular, the Company conducts tours to enterprises to demonstrate its advanced environmental protection facilities. In 2020, TMK’s Volzhsky Pipe Plant launched a state-of-the-art ECO HOUSE TMK accommodating the plant’s environmental service, where regular meetings are held on the regional level to discuss environmental protection initiatives. The Company also works with educational institutions to incorporate environmental topics into educational programs.

“Honor, business reputation and public recognition are important to a company, just as they are to a person. This also applies to environmental ratings in which TMK holds leading positions. We believe that this should become a trend in supplier selection – prioritizing manufacturers that invest in modernization and using cutting-edge environmental technology in operations”, said Vyacheslav Popkov.

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