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TMK wins 2021 ECOTECH-LEADER national award

TMK has been recognised in the ECOTECH-LEADER 2021 National Environmental Technology Awards. TMK’s Volzhsky Pipe Plant (VTZ) was awarded for Effective Environmental Management, with TMK itself receiving honours for its effective promotion of environmental technologies.

The competition included 89 companies from 52 regions of Russia that actively deploy the latest environmental safety in their operations.

VTZ entered the competition with its project to integrate ESG principles into an enterprise environmental management system, incorporating lessons from embedding key ESG practices into the plant’s environmental management system. The project includes the construction of ECO HOUSE TMK, an advanced administrative and laboratory complex; the delivery of the ECOLAB environmental education project to raise awareness among local residents; setting up a Public Environmental Council at the plant, comprised of VTZ’s environmental engineers and employees; and involvement in establishing a specialised department of industrial ecology at Volgograd State Technical University.

Sergey Chikalov, First Deputy CEO for Operations and Development at TMK, said:

“Environmental considerations are an integral part of TMK’s investment process. At our plants, we introduce the best available technologies to improve environmental performance, take consistent steps to reduce carbon footprint, increase the water recycling ratio, and improve waste management. What we first started voluntarily is now becoming mandatory for all. In this context, TMK is setting itself new ambitious environmental targets, and our strong performance at the ECOTECH-LEADER 2021 awards adds a new impetus to these efforts.”

Sergey Chetverikov, Managing Director of VTZ, said:

“The VTZ team is committed to a systematic and responsible approach to ensuring environmental safety and embedding green solutions into our operating processes. This category award confirms that we are on the right track. I would like to emphasise the high standard of all of the entries for this award and express confidence in the progress we and other industries are making on building an effective strategy for responsible environmental management.”

The ECOTECH-LEADER 2021 National Environmental Technology Award recognizes achievements in developing, introducing and promoting the best available technology in environmental protection and management and spans 22 categories.

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