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TMK’s innovation center ranks among the best green building projects in the Moscow Region

TMK and Sinara Group’s R&D facility in Skolkovo has been included in Top 50 Green Building Projects in the Moscow Region. The list includes projects designed for business, public buildings, offices and educational institutions, as well as infrastructure facilities that comply with the environmental policies of megacities.

The experts assessed energy and water efficiency, measures introduced to reduce GHG emissions, solid waste and consumption from connected electricity grids, the number of new high-skilled jobs, among other aspects.

This is not the first time the R&D facility has been recognized as a leader among green buildings. In 2020, the facility received LEED Gold, a highly acclaimed international green building certificate, as well as winning TMK a top award in the prestigious national competition Environmental Culture, Peace and Concord. In October this year, TMK and Sinara Group’s R&D facility won another distinguished accolade - the national 100+ Award in the environmental category. The award recognizes professionals and companies which have made outstanding contributions to the development of engineering and structural solutions in civil engineering, including industrial projects.

Igor Pyshmintsev, Director for Research Development at TMK and Head of the R&D facility said:

“TMK’s R&D facility in Skolkovo is unique in many respects. We adopted a comprehensive approach to the facility’s design, aiming at lower resource consumption without compromising the quality and comfort of the building. Cutting-edge technologies and state-of-the-art equipment enabled savings of up to 21% on heat, 28% on electricity and about 45% on water. Thanks to its high energy efficiency, the facility emits 25% less greenhouse gases, while TMK continues its consistent efforts to reduce CO2 emissions and improve other indicators, in line with its environmental agenda, to minimize its environmental impact in the Moscow Region”.

The energy efficiency and environmental performance of green buildings and facilities to be included to the list are monitored for the Department for Environmental Management and Protection of Moscow by Moscow Power Engineering Institute together with HPBS, an international engineering consultancy specializing in measuring the optimization and offsetting of carbon footprint of companies and products, certification to international green building standards, development of engineering concepts for cities and buildings as well as wider energy supply strategies.

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