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TMK demonstrates advanced environmental practices at its plants to Rosprirodnadzor

TMK has demonstrated advanced environmental practices at its plants to the management of the Clean Air federal project run by the Federal Service for the Supervision of Natural Resources (Rosprirodnadzor). Rosprirodnadzor representatives visited TMK’s Seversky Pipe Plant and Sinarsky Pipe Plant to review their environmental activities.

Alexander Vlasov, Head of the Clean Air project office, led the delegation and was accompanied by Boris Pyankov, Technical Director of TMK. The visitors were shown new technologies that have enabled the plants to improve product quality and boost production volumes while improving their environmental performance, including reducing their impact on water bodies, air and greenhouse gas emissions. Aside from environmental investment projects, the plants consistently work to maintain the effective operation of their treatment facilities and ensure the environmental safety of their operations.

At Seversky Pipe Plant, the delegation visited an electric arc furnace shop, pipe rolling shop No. 1 and power supply shop facilities. The visitors were shown the environmental protection facilities of the upgraded metallurgical complex, including advanced gas treatment facilities (which are up to 99% efficient) and water treatment facilities. The visit included a demonstration of a high-tech seamless pipe production line with a two-stage gas treatment system (98% efficient) as well as the mandrel mill wastewater treatment unit of pipe rolling shop No. 1, featuring a unique zero-discharge effluent polishing system.

Rosprirodnadzor representatives also visited a water treatment unit with water reuse in the new pipe heat-treatment facility at Seversky Pipe Plant, launched in January 2020. The visitors were shown biological polishing facilities for industrial wastewater, storm water and sewage.

The agenda for the visit to Sinarsky Pipe Plant covered tube drawing shop No. 2 (V-2), OCTG finish line (T-1), the power supply shop, and TMK-INOX facilities. In the V-2 shop, the delegation was shown a gas-fired furnace for pipe heat treatment in a protective atmosphere. At TMK-INOX, Rosprirodnadzor representatives inspected a gas-fired furnace using high-purity hydrogen as a protective atmosphere and a recently commissioned high-speed mill producing long stainless steel pipes.

At the T-1 shop, the delegation visited the water treatment area of the shop’s heat treatment facility. In the industrial wastewater treatment area of the power supply shop, the visitors saw the operation of process units recycling oily waste and scale, neutralizing cutting oils and regenerating oils used in manufacturing processes.

“The Company’s plants use new technologies that can be described as cutting-edge. For example, the hydrogen technology used by TMK-INOX helps to prevent air emissions. Hydrogen energy is a promising technology, and its further development will benefit the environment and give a competitive edge to the Company,” said Alexander Vlasov.

“TMK consistently upgrades its production equipment, leveraging the most advanced solutions and international best practices in environmental protection. During the visit, we showed our guests the best available technologies that had been implemented at the Sinarsky P and Seversky pipe plants in recent years – something that we can be proud of. We also shared our plans for new environmental projects that we will implement at our plants,” said Boris Pyankov.

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