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TMK assigned a high ESG score by ACRA

ACRA has assigned an ESG rating to TMK for the first time, assessing the Company at ESG-5, category ESG-C, indicating a high level of ESG (environmental, social and governance) performance. The agency’s experts believe that TMK pays sufficient attention to relevant matters.

The score is based on publicly available information, ACRA’s databases, and information provided by TMK. According to the agency, the high score reflects TMK’s healthy per-unit environmental impact metrics, high environmental standards, and strong commitment to corporate social responsibility. ACRA has noted the Company’s ongoing ESG transformation and strong focus on integrating sustainability practices into its operations, including the Company’s significant work to reduce the carbon footprint of TMK products and implement international best practices in sustainability.

TMK received a high score (“low risk”) for its environmental impact and mitigation of industry-specific environmental risks, due to its low emissions intensity and environmental impact compared to peer companies globally, achieved through production upgrades. TMK’s high rating was also driven by the Company’s existing practices of recycling most of the waste it generates and by its high water recycling ratio.

TMK also scored very highly on social impacts and efforts to minimize social risks (“very low risk”). ACRA has noted the Company’s leadership in areas such as injury minimization, gender equality, and social investment. The assessment has factored in the benefits package in place and TMK’s contribution to local communities.

TMK has also scored highly on corporate governance due to the maturity of its practices and management of key risks in relevant areas.

Igor Korytko, TMK CEO, said: “Sustainability has been TMK’s focus for many years. We are implementing the best available technology to make our operations greener, promoting the professional development of our people, supporting the regions where we operate, and maintaining high governance standards. In many ways, we have anticipated the ESG requirements and standards that are just now beginning to take shape. Our high starting position has enabled us to remain a leader in this area and further improve our practices based on the latest industry developments. Independent expert reviews help us to better identify improvement potential and identify specific priority focus areas. Ultimately, these efforts will strengthen our reputation as a reliable partner, supplier, and employer.”

According to ACRA’s methodology, the rating scale comprises seven categories, from ESG-A (the highest ESG score) to ESG-G (the lowest score). For a more accurate assessment, levels are also assigned within categories, with a total of 17 levels – from ESG-1 to ESG-17. TMK has been assigned the highest level, ESG-5, within the ESG-C category (a high ESG score).

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