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TMK launches a laser scanning system to inspect flat-rolled products for surface defects

Chelyabinsk Pipe Plant (Chelpipe), part of TMK Group, has installed a new high-precision laser scanning system to detect surface defects on flat-rolled products – a project worth over RUB 20 million.

The automated system came online at the forming line at Vysota 239, a large-diameter pipe production workshop. Its 69 2D lasers measure surface roughness and detect any defects as shallow as 0.2 mm to reject defective flats from the production process.

“TMK’s Chelpipe is one of Russia’s top suppliers of large diameter pipes for key industries, with our products meeting the highest global safety and environmental standards. To stay on top of the evolving needs of our customers, we are constantly adopting best practices in our operations. This new inspection system will further increase the reliability of our flat-rolled products and was added entirely at our own initiative as it is not something required by regulations. This is a 100% Russian-made system, from concept to final product, and is unmatched in the pipe industry,” said Valentin Tazetdinov, Chelpipe Managing Director.

Earlier, Chelpipe upgraded its quality control system for large-diameter pipe and NDT facilities for seamless pipe.

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