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TMK takes part in its first Steel Safety Day set up by the World Steel Association


TMK ran a number of events on its first Steel Safety Day at all TMK sites in line with the World Steel Association (worldsteel). This safety awareness day is aligned with the World Safety Day held by the International Labour Organisation on 28 April every year. The aim is to reduce the number of safety incidents and to raise safety and health awareness in the steel industry.

In 2015, TMK adopted a Corporate Occupational Health and Industrial Safety Policy aimed at mitigating risks, preventing injuries and accidents, and reducing the number of occupational illnesses.

On Safety Day, TMK carried out safety audits at its production sites in all divisions on the five most common causes of safety incidents identified by worldsteel: moving machinery, falling from heights, falling objects, gas and asphyxiation and overhead cranes. The employees took part in safety training sessions and indoctrination, training on emergence situations, they were also introduced to presentations on occupational health and safety.

In 2015, the number of incidents at TMK plants decreased by 17%, the frequency rate of incidents declined by 15% and the severity rate decreased by 12%. The number of work incapacity days reduced by 36%.

“This year, TMK joined the international movement and, along with some of the world’s largest steel companies, is taking part in observing Steel Safety Day. TMK’s key objective is to ensure the safety of our employees. We must borrow from our industry colleagues the best that their experience has to teach us. Only if each of us accepts responsibility for ensuring safety can we be assured of achieving good outcomes. ZERO workplace injuries is possible and achievable,” said Dmitriy Pumpyanskiy, Chairman of the Board of Directors of TMK.

TMK takes part in its first Steel Safety Day set up by the World Steel Association


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