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TMK corporate actions in connection with a secondary share offering


Today, in accordance with the applicable law and regulatory requirements, TMK published a notice inviting the shareholders to exercise their pre-emptive rights to purchase newly issued TMK shares. TMK posted the recommended application form for shareholders wishing to exercise their pre-emptive rights on the following pages of the Company's websites: www.tmk-group.ru and http://www.e-disclosure.ru/portal/company.aspx?id=274.

Concurrently, TMK management called for the meeting of the Board of Directors to approve the offering price, which the management proposed at the level of RUB 101.25 per share.

Prospectus and Decision on additional share issue of 56 million new ordinary shares were registered by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation on 18 September 2014 and are disclosed at tmk_prospect0914.pdf  and tmk_decision0914.pdf.


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