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TMK improves its information and cyber security systems


TMK has implemented a system for collecting, storing and analyzing security events. The system is powered by a MaxPatrol SIEM software solution from Positive Technologies, a global provider of innovative security solutions and a leader in responding to advanced cyber threats. TMK’s partner for the project was Jet Infosystems, a Russian company.

The SIEM (security information and event management) system has allowed TMK to automate the collection and centralized storage of information security events from multiple subsystems. MaxPatrol SIEM is a powerful solution with good scalability designed to process up to 40 thousand events per second.

“The project allowed us to quickly integrate the SIEM system with our information security infrastructure taking into account its specifics and existing processes. The modules developed by the integrator have truly made the system the core element of TMK’s information security landscape. We have already seen tangible benefits from MaxPatrol SIEM amidst a growing number of cyber attacks during the COVID‑19 pandemic. By taking proactive steps and implementing the SIEM system, we were able to successfully address this challenge,” said TMK’s IT Director Dmitry Yakob.

“We were tasked with implementing a SIEM solution at a company that has one of the most mature information security systems among Russia’s major manufacturers. The advanced technical skills of TMK specialists and the customer’s highly mature processes, productive collaboration with the vendor’s team and our own expertise helped us to deliver on this complex task and to seamlessly integrate the solution into TMK’s information security ecosystem,” commented Andrey Yankin, Director of Jet Infosystems’ Information Security Center.

“Amid the rapidly growing number of cyber incidents, companies that have a clear understanding of cyber risks and consequences can no longer afford to operate without automated systems detecting incidents in real time. Today, a SIEM system is a key pillar of information security for such companies,” said Maxim Filippov, Russian Business Development Manager at Positive Technologies.

TMK improves its information and cyber security systems


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