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TMK supports the nomination of Yekaterinburg as a candidate host city for World Expo 2025


In an initiative to support Russia’s bid to host World Expo 2025 in Yekaterinburg, TMK’s representatives have participated in a trip alongside the national Expo 2025 Bid Committee’s delegation to Middle Eastern countries to promote Yekaterinburg as a candidate host city. TMK was represented by a delegation led by Vladimir Shcherbatykh, head of the Company’s Middle East division.

The trip covered seven countries – Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Lebanon, Iran, Bahrain, Qatar, and Oman. Throughout the trip, TMK held meetings in which its representatives highlighted opportunities offered by the Company to potential partners. They focused in particular on purchase customization of TMK’s tubular products and developing new products for certain customers, and offering advanced staff training opportunities to Middle Eastern companies held at TMK plants.

“We had a very successful trip across the Middle East, the first in a series of trips to multiple countries. I would like to particularly emphasize the contribution made by TMK’s delegation – we are grateful for the support that has been provided by the Company’s representatives and are looking forward to further fruitful cooperation with TMK,” said Svetlana Sagaydak, Head of Expo 2025 Bid Committee.

The Russian Government’s letter nominating Yekaterinburg as a candidate host city for World Expo 2025 was submitted to the Bureau International des Expositions (BIE) in May 2017. The theme of the Russian bid is “Changing the World: Innovations and Better Life for Future Generations”. Dmitriy Pumpyanskiy, Chairman of TMK’s Board of Directors, is a member of the organizing committee established to promote Yekaterinburg’s bid.

TMK supports the nomination of Yekaterinburg as a candidate host city for World Expo 2025


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