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TMK adds a voice recognition technology to its quality control system

TMK has rolled out a new digital tool for threaded connections quality control. The solution developed by STC Group based on voice recognition technology will enable faster capturing of product parameters and automated data collection and transmission.

As part of the Translator project, a voice-to-text solution was developed specifically for TMK plants. The hardware/software solution automatically digitizes quality controllers’ voice commands when they give geometric parameters of products, and transmits them in a digital format to the plant’s unified information system.

The solution is now in pilot operation at TMK’s Volzhsky Pipe Plant (VTZ) and is used to verify the compliance of TMK UP threaded connections with preset standards. If successful, the pilot will be scaled up to roll out the technology to other TMK plants.

Anatoly Sychev, TMK’s Quality Director, said: “One of TMK’s competitive advantages is its multi-tiered product quality control system driven by best practices and technology. In particular, we use integrated and targeted digital solutions that can boost the effectiveness of quality assurance. The new digital tool reduces the impact of the human factor and automates data handling in the production of TMK UP pipe and tubular products for adverse conditions. The key goal of projects like this is to enhance TMK products for the benefit of our customers.”

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