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TMK strengthens its position in the Anti-corruption Ranking of Russian Business


For the second year running, TMK has scored the highest in the Anti-corruption Ranking of Russian Business compiled by the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs. The Company confirmed its Class A1 rating, which is assigned to companies demonstrating the highest level of anti-corruption compliance and the lowest corruption risk, while also receiving much higher scores across a range of metrics.

A total of 66 companies were rated, some of which had been previously reviewed for compliance with the Anti-corruption Charter of the Russian Business. The ranking used 37 criteria, grouped in five categories: consideration of external and internal factors affecting anti-corruption management at the organization; the existing anti-bribery management system; leadership by senior management and governing bodies in setting the corporate compliance policy; goal-setting and planning for anti-corruption, risk mitigation process and resources; and financial and non-financial measures taken.

The rating experts noted that in 2022, TMK not only retained its highest rating of Class A1 but also significantly improved on its scores from last year. According to the report, TMK leaders openly declare zero tolerance for corruption while TMK is also an active member of the Anti-corruption Charter of the Russian Business, regularly submitting declarations of compliance with the Charter, sharing lessons and experiences, and adhering to best practices in contracting, procurement, payments, and HR policy.

Igor Korytko, TMK CEO, said: “Since its inception, TMK has been guided by the highest anti-corruption standards, continuously improving its anti-corruption framework. We have a dedicated hotline; all employees take training in compliance management; and the Company pays much attention to this aspect in internal and external communications. Openness and equal opportunities for all are the Company’s key priority, which fosters a healthy competitive environment, ensures manageability of business processes and provides a significant advantage in the market.”

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