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TMK launches production of a self-propelled shunter for the metals industry

TMK’s ETERNO has launched production of a self-propelled shunter, used in metals production.

The 23-tonne-plus shunter, measuring 7 meters in length and 2.5 meters in width and capable of moving 120 tonnes, is designed to move railroad cars between metallurgical shop bays and bring them to process lines, as well as to transport hot-rolled coils. The shunter is equipped with an electric motor, a control cabinet and a cable reel.

Denis Makienko, Director for Machine-Building Business Development at TMK, said: “Expanding its lineup of heavy engineering products, TMK continues to strongly focus on launching new products for the metals industry. The self-propelled shunter is another example of ETERNO team’s successful efforts in a developing market. With the shunter already delivered to the customer, we are confident that it will improve the efficiency of metals production.”

TMK ETERNO’s order book includes several dozen implemented engineering solutions for a new line of custom-made heavy engineering products. These include roller units for continuous casting machines, a mobile hot metal mixer, a turntable support frame, casting ladles, containers for transporting steel coils, and an EAF bath.

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