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TMK revamps the Severskaya Domna unique museum complex

TMK has completed a major revamp of the Severskaya Domna museum complex, a unique example of the 19th century industrial architecture located at the Seversky Pipe Plant (STZ) site. With the facility’s historical rooms now restored, the building’s total floor area was increased by 1,200 sq. meters.

The architectural project to revamp the complex envisaged a new multifunctional space with modern multimedia in the museum halls that would not distort the original appearance of the building, including the 19th century brickwork, roof trusses and riveted beams.

The opening ceremony was attended by Alexey Shmykov, First Deputy Governor of the Sverdlovsk Region, Igor Korytko, TMK CEO, and Dmitry Markov, Managing Director of STZ. Guests at the event were given a tour of the revamped industrial building of the historical plant and visited the Communication Tube exhibition, part of Sinara Art Gallery. With more than 50 paintings and graphic artworks on display, the exhibition explores the concept of dialogue. The ceremony participants also enjoyed the This is Domna Channel light show, projected on the brick walls of the casthouse, and a new exhibition of paintings focused on the works by Alexander Remezov, a famous Ural artist.

Alexey Shmykov said: “As we all know, there is no future without history. The Sverdlovsk Region has always celebrated the memory of those who founded the Ural industry. And today, we are witnessing another tribute to these people, with the historical industrial building housing production workshops in the second half of the 19th and early 20th centuries getting a refreshed look following the revamp. As an example of industrial heritage conservation, Severskaya Domna will also serve as an industrial tourism site as well as a place to house exhibitions and introduce the younger generation of the Urals to the vast industrial potential of the Sverdlovsk Region. I am confident that Severskaya Domna will become a magnet for visitors.”

Igor Korytko said: “For TMK, industrial heritage conservation is part of our corporate DNA. When establishing this museum in 2009, we set ourselves the lofty goals of preserving the history of metallurgy and making it accessible for everyone. Through the revamp, we expanded the capabilities of the museum complex, which will now become part of a new guided tour, Metallurgy through the Ages: From a Finery Hammer to a Digital Plant, covering both operating shops and historical spaces at the STZ site. We hope that the museum will become a magnet for visitors, supporting the growth of industrial tourism in Russia.”

 Dmitry Markov said: “The project to revamp the museum complex marks the 350th birthday of Peter the Great, Russia’s renowned modernizer. With two years to deliver, the project was an ambitious and complex undertaking. I would like to thank every member of the project team for their contribution to creating this unique space. The newly expanded museum will help us take industrial and business tourism within the Seversky Pipe Plant site to a new level.”

The 8,000+ sq. m Severskaya Domna museum complex includes two historical buildings, an open-air exhibition and the Chapel of the Transfiguration. The Severskaya Domna museum complex is built around a well-preserved blast furnace – an outstanding example of the mid-19th century Ural industrial architecture, giving visitors the opportunity to fully experience the history of pig iron smelting in the 19th century.

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