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TMK identifies the best workers at the corporate vocational skills competition

TMK has held Master Games, a corporate vocational skills competition in line with the standards of the national competition for workers from high-tech industrial sectors. The event brought together 203 employees from 15 TMK enterprises, as well as 106 internal and 12 independent experts.

TMK2U Corporate University organized the competition at ТМК2U training facilities at Seversky, Sinarsky and Volzhsky Pipe Plants as well as Pervouralsk Pipe Plant. Between June 21 and 24, the participants competed in 20 skills that are the most in demand at TMK: mechatronics, industrial automation, electrical installations, metalworking (including on CNC machines), welding technologies, laboratory chemical analysis, steelmaking, occupational health and safety, oxy-fuel cutting (including thermal lancing), pipe and coupling thread quality control, rolling stock technician functions, rigging, crane operation, pipe and billets cutting, rolling mill operation, magnetic and ultrasonic inspection, forklift driving, and metal sorting.

The competition was held at specially equipped workstations, using actual industrial equipment, special stands and relevant production process training simulators. The participants competed in two age categories, Young (aged up to 28) and Profi (aged 29 and above). Experts selected two winners in each skill: one in the Young category and one in the Profi category.

Between competitions, Master Games participants could also attend business and entertainment events, such as business games and master classes offered by ТМК2U Corporate University and Ural Federal University, guided tours, construction of a Rube Goldberg machine, non-Olympic games, and karaoke.

Elena Pozolotina, TMK Deputy CEO for Human Resources, Director of TMK2U Corporate University, said: “To me, the corporate competition was bound to succeed: in these games, everyone is a winner, and no one ever loses. At the competition, specialists not only size their professional competencies and receive specific expert recommendations for further development, but also learn from their colleagues’ experience, improve their skills and establish new business and personal contacts. All this helps engage employees in developing the Company and boosts production efficiency.”

 Andrey Kaplunov, TMK Vice President, member of the Board of Directors, said to summarize the event: “The finalists of Master Games are, without exaggeration, high-caliber specialists in their respective fields. They are true professionals, deep experts in their professions, with a wide range of skills, a wealth of experience, deep knowledge, gifted hands, and a bright mind. We have high hopes for this competition and plan to scale it up, rolling it out to other enterprises in the future and expanding the list of participants and the number of skills. The competition helps us raise the prestige of blue-collar jobs and emphasize that the Company’s performance largely depends on talent like this.”

TMK has been holding the Master Games corporate vocational skills competition since 2018, expanding its scale every year. Over the four years, the number of skills to compete in has increased five-fold, and the number of participants – by almost 15 times.

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