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TMK participates in the Maintenance and Repair 2022 workshop

TMK has taken part in a workshop in Moscow, which gathered managers and specialists from repair services of metals and mining companies. The event’s key topics included practices for improving the effectiveness of repair services as well as the main growth areas in the equipment maintenance and repair system.

During two days, top experts in equipment maintenance and repair shared best practices in implementing operational efficiency programs and using new technologies and discussed management structure improvements, organization of maintenance services and the use of advanced materials to reduce costs and improve equipment reliability.

TMK’s delegation included Boris Pyankov, TMK’s Technical Director, Sergey Makovetsky, TMK’s Chief Mechanic, and Mikhail Mylnikov, Head of the Maintenance and Repair Department at TMK’s Volzhsky Pipe Plant. Boris Pyankov spoke on key development trends in fixed asset management at TMK plants, outlining development goals and objectives in maintenance and repair at the Company’s enterprises and presenting the development strategy for TMK’s automated equipment maintenance and repair management system.

He said: “Shared experiences always promotes the search for new opportunities and ways to achieve goals. By participating in such events, managers and specialists of repair services can develop their own solutions and tools faster to enhance the performance of their repair teams leveraging best practices and unique expertise. TMK is currently focused on digitalization. Through developing advanced information platforms and implementing digital projects and diagnostic methods, we ensure manageability of system processes and are able to achieve KPI targets when reorganizing the Company’s maintenance and repair system.”

The Maintenance and Repair 2022 workshop was held in person and welcomed representatives of leading Russian and international metals companies, R&D centers and HR training centers.

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