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TMK holds its first HR TMK corporate award

TMK has held its first large-scale corporate award, TMK HR, a vocational skills competition for HR specialists. The event took place at TMK’s Chelyabinsk Pipe Plant (Chelpipe) and involved 32 participants from the Company’s 15 enterprises.

The specialists were to solve individual cases, demonstrate their management skills at a mini-assessment and complete a test in 15 HR areas. The participants visited master classes by HR directors from TMK enterprises and had a chance to ask their questions to heads of HR, Andrey Kaplunov, member of the Board of Directors, who oversees HR matters at the Company, and Elena Pozolotina, Deputy CEO for Human Resources – Director of TMK2U Corporate University, at a plenary session.

After two days of competing, winners were announced in categories such as HR Administration, Training and Development, and Labor Economics and Organizational Design. Maria Bizhonova, senior HR specialist at TAGMET, scored the most across different categories and was recognized the Best of the Best. The winners were awarded personal cups, honorable mentions and certificates for continuing professional education.

Elena Pozolotina said: “For any specialist, such contests are a great opportunity for development. In addition, colleagues get to know each other and share experiences at the event, and we discover the most promising talents, those who will join our management talent pool and take senior HR positions in the future. Such contests among HR departments are especially important for the Company because a responsible social policy of any business begins with the care of its people. The HR function also promotes corporate values. At the first TMK HR awards, out team once again proved highly professional. We will continue this practice and strengthen ties between our teams in different regions of Russia.”

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