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TMK completes tests of line pipe for hydrogen transportation

In the second half of 2022, TMK intends to bring to the market a new range of pipes for hydrogen transportation made to international standards, said Konstantin Belyaev, TMK’s Deputy Director for the Development of New Products for Infrastructure Facilities, at the National Oil and Gas Forum in Moscow.

Speaking at a session on CCUS and Low-Carbon Hydrogen Production: Promising Technology Projects for Key Industries, Konstantin Belyaev noted that TMK will continue to supply its products for combined-cycle generation, nuclear power and renewable energy industries as part of the upcoming low-carbon transition. The Company also plans to supply pipes for hydrogen energy projects and offer solutions for fuels such as green ammonia, biodiesel and biomethane.

Konstantin Belyaev said: “As regards the outlook for energy transition products, we have analyzed our current portfolio and concluded that at the moment it accounts for about 15% of TMK’s shipments. We will further increase the share of these products, and we are confident that they will remain in demand.”

According to Mr Belyaev, as hydrogen energy advances, demand for TMK products will come from different process stages of hydrogen production, transportation and storage (i.e., yellow, blue and green hydrogen).

Konstantin Belyaev noted: “We are currently developing new pipe product ranges for hydrogen energy, Sputnik H and Sputnik C. Sputnik H will comprise pipe for the production, distribution, transportation, and storage of hydrogen. The Sputnik C range is intended for CO2 capture, distribution, transportation, and storage facilities.”

He announced that tests of line pipe for hydrogen transportation are now at the completion stage.

Konstantin Belyaev said: “Fittings are tested at high pressure and different temperatures, and mechanical tests are carried out. They will be finished by June. Preliminary tests have given good results, and we expect that the test report to be issued as early as July will confirm that our pipes meet the ASME B31.12 international standard for hydrogen pipelines and withstand pressure exceeding 200 atmospheres.”

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