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TMK supports projects for young chess players in the Sakhalin Region

TMK sponsors a grandmaster school and a children’s chess festival that will take place in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk in 2022. The events held by the Sakhalin Chess Federation have attracted about 100 talented chess players from across the region.

The Company supported a special session at the Chess School run from April 1 to 14, 2022 for 64 young Sakhalin chess players. The participants were selected through a competition for schoolchildren from the Sakhalin Region up to 16 years old who played chess well and actively participated in chess tournaments.

The participants can attend lectures, lessons, master classes, simultaneous displays, blitz tournaments, as well as pair, bughouse and fast chess games, and other activities. The event was attended by Alexander Moskalenko, a world-class grandmaster, champion of the Moscow Region and a silver winner of the Moscow City Chess Championship.

In addition to cooperating within the Chess School, TMK acted as a partner of a young chess players festival in Sakhalin. Held for the fifth year running from March to December 2022, the festival comprises pair games, a family tournament, a chess composition, and blitz games.

The festival competitions are held during the year in four rounds. March saw the first two rounds – pair and bughouse games between young players and a family tournament where children, their parents and grandparents competed for the first prize together. In summer, young players will create chess compositions and answer quiz questions, and in fall, the final blitz tournament will take place.

The chess festival for children in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk is gaining popularity in the region, providing an opportunity for young players to prove themselves in games with strong opponents while also serving as a springboard to future prestigious regional and national tournaments.

Sergey Rekin, Director for Technical Sales at TMK, said: “TMK follows its responsible social policy by supporting cultural and sports initiatives in the regions of its operation. The Company pays great attention to popularizing sports among its employees, promoting active lifestyle among younger workers and their older colleagues. In cities, we support and create sports infrastructure and help sports clubs. We are particularly focused on investments in children and youth sports and see supporting events for young chess players in the Sakhalin Region as an important part of these efforts. We believe that such events give a strong impetus to the development of this sport, helping talented young people to show their abilities and continue growing.”

The Sakhalin Chess Federation annually organizes city and regional competitions for children and adults in the Sakhalin Region. Its plan includes more than 40 competitions, such as championships of the city and the region, chess matches, online tournaments, sports camps, competitions in applied chess, blitz grand prix for adults, and festivals for children. By the end of 2021, young chess players from the Sakhalin Region won several awards at tournaments of various levels, including eight medals at the championship of the Far Eastern Federal District.

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