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TMK, Sinara Group and iKUMENA’s joint project won the Best Corporate Video 2022 contest

The Ural Patriots film, supported by TMK and Sinara Group, has been named a winner of the Best Corporate Video 2022 annual contest held by the Russian Association of Communication Directors and Corporate Publishing. The video project about Yekaterinburg, the Sverdlovsk Region and local enterprises topped the Branded Documentary category.

The project marking the 20th anniversary of TMK and Sinara Group aims at promoting the Urals, the national manufacturing industry and internal tourism. The film took the project team six days and over 1,000 km as they inspected traces of metals and mining civilizations, went along the routes of iron caravans and visited the sites of first iron smelting plants and steel mills.

As part of the project, the team visited TMK’s Seversky and Sinarsky pipe pants (STZ and SinTZ, respectively) to see the exhibition of Severskaya Domna, a unique museum complex featuring the Urals industrial architecture of the 19th century. The project participants also visited the Ural Locomotives plant, Russia’s most cutting-edge machine-building enterprise (part of Sinara – Transport Machines), manufacturing, among other things, Lastochka higher-speed passenger trains. In addition, the film crew visited the Sinara Center cultural and exhibition complex and facilities built and renovated by Sinara – Development: Yekaterinburg Arena, which hosted the 2018 Football World Cup; Congress Center – part of Yekaterinburg-EXPO, the largest exhibition center in the Urals; and the Universiade Village 2023, currently under construction.

Ilya Zhitomirsky, PR and Communications Director at TMK and Sinara Group, said: “The history of the Russian manufacturing industry is closely intertwined with the history of the Urals, which has been one of the pillars of the Russian economy for centuries. To mark the 20th anniversary of TMK and Sinara Group, it was important for us to reflect on these origins and show the connection between the region and the enterprises that shape its core and provide resources for further development. This is why the film is not as much about our production as about the Urals emerging as the country’s leading center of industrial growth. We believe that this project will help transform the region into a magnet for tourists and business investors and improve its image.”

The TV version of the film was broadcasted on the MIR channel in 13 countries with a total audience reach of 150 million people. The film is also available on the official YouTube channel of the iKUMENA project.

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