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TMK integrates all of its IT functions under the TMK++ brand

TMK has created the TMK++ brand to consolidate the development and support of IT solutions within the Company. The TMK++ brand will be used for reengineering information systems, developing multilevel integration systems, automating business processes, and providing technical support and consulting services.

The TMK++ ecosystem includes Infrastructure, Development, Digital, Cybersecurity, Architecture, and Customer Service. The Company’s units operating under the TMK++ brand will continue to deliver large-scale applied projects, from global architecture of IT solutions, deployment and development of ERP systems, MES systems and other CRM information systems, integrated sales and production planning, electronic document management systems, and auxiliary production systems to technical architecture and infrastructure.

Consolidating the IT function under the TMK++ brand will improve the Company’s efficiency, enhance consumer confidence and foster TMK’s positive image among employees and potential job seekers. The single IT brand will also drive the synergy between IT teams at TMK enterprises.

Dmitry Yakob, TMK’s IT Director, said: “Our primary goal is to support business growth with the help of a professional and reliable IT team, and we expect 2022 to become a milestone in the development of TMK’s IT functionality. As part of that structural transformation, we have already started consolidating employees into a single team and aligning IT services with best practices. I am convinced that the new TMK++ brand will promote internal synergy, unlock the potential of each employee and enable us to attract new skills to the team.”

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