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TMK supplies metallurgical equipment to Ural Steel

TMK’s ETERNO has supplied Ural Steel with custom-made products from its new heavy engineering product lineup – roller units for continuous casting machines.

The batch included two roller units, 850 mm long, 1,020 mm wide and 2,900 mm high, designed to support, guide, straighten, withdraw, and transport the metal strand. The units are made of structural gauged corrosion-resistant and high-temperature creep resistant steel.

Each unit consists of a frame, cooling ducts, tubing to supply grease lubricants to rollers, and supports for installing the units into the machine. Prior to shipment, the equipment passed hydrostatic testing and geometry tests of mounting surfaces with a high-precision coordinate measuring system.

Denis Makienko, Director for Machine-Building Business Development, said: “TMK continues to expand its new lineup of heavy engineering products. To fulfill this order from our long-term partner, Ural Steel, ETERNO specialists operationalized and manufactured a fundamentally new product in three months. With each order like this, the company builds up its capabilities and demonstrates its readiness to handle new challenges that require sophisticated engineering skills. Leveraging its advanced capabilities, strong technology stack and vast experience, ETERNO plans to offer other customized solutions for metals companies in the longer term, always guaranteeing the best possible delivery times and high product quality.”

The portfolio of TMK includes several dozen implemented engineering solutions for the new heavy engineering product lineup. The ETERNO plant supplied its products for upgrading the steelmaking operations of Severstal and the BOF shop at Chelyabinsk Metallurgical Plant (part of Mechel Group), as well as retrofitting Novolipetsk Steel (part of NLMK Group) and the Aksu Ferroalloys Plant in Kazakhstan. High-tech TMK ETERNO products have also been used in the nuclear industry for the construction of Akkuyu NPP in Turkey and Kursk NPP in Russia.

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