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TMK publishes its Sustainability Policy

TMK has published its first-ever Sustainability Policy, approved by the Board of Directors. This key public document sets out the Company’s ESG vision and approaches, confirming TMK’s commitment to sustainability.

The Sustainability Policy provides guidance for the Company and its enterprises and aims to streamline the relevant approaches and practices TMK has been using for years. The document defines six focus areas: industrial safety and occupational health and safety; environmental responsibility and climate change mitigation; economic efficiency; HR management and human capital development; development and support for the regions of operation, sponsorship and charity; and a responsible supply chain.

In line with the Policy, TMK adheres to the following key sustainability principles: respect for human rights, best corporate governance practices, effective stakeholder engagement, information transparency, ESG risk management, compliance with Russian and international laws, ethical conduct, and commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The document also outlines the sustainability reporting procedure and the principles for preparing non-financial disclosures.

Igor Korytko, TMK CEO, said: “TMK has been committed to sustainability since its inception. We maintain a strong focus on all the pillars of our ESG agenda – environmental, social, and governance. Today, we are streamlining our efforts, setting new ambitious goals, and the approval of the inaugural Sustainability Policy is another logical step on our sustainability journey. TMK’s commitment to high ethical standards, emphasis on environmental protection, care for its people and communities in general, and its efforts to contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals have now all been formalized in a public document.”

Our strong commitment to the sustainability agenda is further evidenced by the fact that in late 2021, TMK established a Strategy and Sustainability Committee (formerly the Strategy Committee) at the board level, responsible for reviewing a wide range of ESG matters.

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