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TMK has implemented a large-scale street art project in seven cities of Russia

TMK has implemented a large-scale street art project in its regions of operation to mark the Company’s 20th anniversary. In seven Russian cities, the artists have created murals – colorful artwork painted on the walls of buildings or structures. Murals themed around environmentally responsible production sprang up in the cities of Volzhsky, Kamensk-Uralsky, Orsk, Pervouralsk, Polevskoy, Taganrog, and Chelyabinsk.

The project involved well-known artists, such as Vyacheslav Moff, Masha Masha, Denis Petrov, Anton Aist (Tony Stork), the MES CREW team, and others, who developed city-specific sketches of graphic artwork for each location. The seven murals will be an artistic representation of the project’s key message: the importance of environmental responsibility, with plants, insects and natural phenomena, as well as TMK employees and tubular products, featuring as their main characters.

The project started in September and was completed in December. The artists spent over 500 hours in total to bring their monumental artworks to life. The project was coordinated and managed by Sinara Art Gallery in Yekaterinburg, one of the largest exhibition venues in the Urals focused on the region’s contemporary art and international projects.

Ilya Zhitomirsky, TMK’s PR and Communications Director, commented: “This ambitious four-month project involved a tremendous amount of work across seven cities hosting TMK plants and would have been impossible without the sincere support from the local authorities, residents and plant employees. The street art project not only promoted the Company’s values, but also transformed the urban space, adding bright colors to it and reviving warm memories about summer. The artworks by the invited artists also helped to emphasize each city’s unique identity, remind about the importance of the employees’ work, and reinforce TMK’s strong reputation as an environmentally friendly and socially responsible company.”

TMK launched a number of art projects to celebrate its 20th anniversary in 2021. Apart from the street art project, TMK staged Production as Art, a unique theatrical performance by Russian director Vasily Barkhatov, across its regions of operation. The performance, which was watched by more than 18 thousand people, won a silver medal at Bea World Festival, an international festival of events and live communication. The project ranked second in the B2I (Business to Internal) category, dedicated to corporate events for internal audiences.

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